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Yi Home 2 Review

Feb 13, 2020 by William Lewis.

Yi Home 2 Camera is the successor of the first Xiaomi Yi surveillance camera. In addition to the new smart features, the new model is now available in Full HD. But is the new Yi technology surveillance camera really smart and what will happen to the data transferred to Yi Cloud? More on this Yi Home 2 Review!

Design and construction

The Yi surveillance camera, only 122 x 70 x 59 mm in size and 132g, is relatively small and light. The design is simple and the small size makes the camera easy, so it can be positioned cautiously. The design is more reminiscent of a modern camera than a smart surveillance camera. As already used by other Yi products, its construction is incredible. The plastic template gives a valuable impression and the accessories provided are processed without errors.

Image Processor and Image Sensor

Yi's image processor Umbrella Cortex-A9 is 600MHz. Storage equipment equals 2GB DDR3 memory and 1GB flash memory SLC NAND, direct card microSD memory (8GB-64GB) using SD memory card slot and recording ). The image sensor is powered by 2.12-megapixel CMOS with PanMonics VMoixon technology, which produces a detailed image even in low light conditions. Videos up to 1080p up to 25 seconds long. The lens aperture ratio is F 2.0. In addition, the camera has a very wide range of projection at 130 °. Video compression is based on H. 264 level 5.1 and MJPEG standards. Additional image enhancement is achieved with a 3D noise filter, 3D LUT, and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) color correction, as well as HDR (high dynamic range).   ReadMore: The Best Camera Phone that Captures the Moments of Life

IR night vision, Wi-Fi and audio systems

The lens has a total of around 11 infrared LEDs (940nm). In dark areas or in low light conditions, the Yi Home Camera 2 automatically switches to night vision mode. This feature can also be disabled in the Camera settings. To transmit data, the Yi Home Camera 2 includes a 2.4 GHz integrated Wi-Fi module. The addition to 802.11 b / g / n standards, WEP or WPA2 encryption is also supported. Almost a two-way audio speech system can be taken and rebuilt.

Power supply and application

The power security camera moves the Yi to a closed AC adapter with an AC cable. This solution is comfortable because a long USB cable can be used. Even the power adapter is similar to a smartphone, which is why it can be easily replaced. The appointment option is low. Due to the tightly fitted case, the camera is perfectly positioned there, but the Yi surveillance camera can only be attached to the wall with an adhesive cushion. No driving ability. An Android or iOS device is required for the assignment. First, download the so-called "Yi Home" app. After that, you have to create a "Yi" account. To do so, either sign up with an email address or use a Facebook login. You will then follow the steps required for the assignment. The request language is German. An additional output in the English language describes the current state of the camera.   To use Yi Home Camera 2, it must be integrated into the existing WLAN. WLAN data is transmitted via the QR code that you have prepared through the application and placed before the camera lens. Yi 2 home security cameras, currently Amazon and many other leading retailers, cost less than $ 100. This is one of the many technical products that cost less than $ 100 listed on the shopping recommendation website