Work 4 days a week and only 6 hours daily!

Helsinki: Inspired by Microsoft’s successful experience of Japan last year, Finland’s newly elected Prime Minister Sanna Marin has begun considering the proposal for work only four days a week. But this is not limited to just that, she wants the hours to be reduced to just 6 hours daily.


It should be noted that on these same pages of Express News, the details of work and work experience are published under Microsoft Japan four days a week. The essence of this news is that thanks to 4 days of work and 3 days a week, Microsoft Japan employees are not only happier but their performance has already increased by 40%.

Although the 34-year-old Finland’s newly elected prime minister is facing controversy, criticism and sarcasm over the proposal, he has the same answer to every objection: Microsoft’s experience in Japan has not hurt but the people. Performance has increased significantly. So why not take advantage of this working model in Finland and improve its performance while keeping people happier.

To avoid wasting time during work, he also suggested that the hours should be reduced to just 6 hours daily so that people focus on work only during work and do not get around.

According to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the move will have many benefits: As efficiency increases, less power consumption in the office will also save energy and help control pollution, which has its added benefits. Included.

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