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How to Grow Wildflowers in Your Garden

Jan 22, 2020 by William Lewis.

You rarely find anyone who doesn't like the beauty of nature. When walking in the forest or visiting the nearest recreation area, you can’t but fall in love with a charming combination of colours, the intoxicating aroma of wildflowers, and picturesque views. wildflowers Nature is the most experienced and talented landscaper. If you are looking for something especially alluring in your backyard, it’s worth growing wild Flowers and plants. If you want to create an awesome wildflower meadow in your garden, you should consider the following information.

Your Garden Still Needs Care

If you think that it’s enough to allow plants to grow by themselves, you are wrong. Your task is to provide vines with water, fertilizers, and mulch. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget about weeds. Although some pesky plants are an integral part of nature in the area you live in, you still have to control weeding. It’s a very good idea to apply a weed barrier. It helps to prevent the spreading of the vines to the patches of your neighbours. A weed barrier is a perfect way to keep your plot in order even if it’s a wildflower meadow.

Climate Conditions Are Important

You should understand that it’s almost impossible to grow the harebell you have seen in the Alps. This plant requires definite weather conditions that differ from that in your native state. It’s better to pay attention to the samples typical for your location. Yet, it’s not necessary to plant only native vines. You can add a couple of samples from other regions or even countries. It’s better to prefer variants that require low maintenance.

The right choice of spices is a key element of your success

It’s better to pick up samples which are easy and never weedy. If you live in the area with a cool climate and moist summer, you should try to grow asters. They are an ideal variant to start from seeds. The best time for sowing is mid- or late spring. It’s also necessary to provide vines with plenty of water and apply mulch. The next variant is the blanket flower. The daisy-like flowers are the perfect decoration for any garden. You can find them in many areas in North America. You have to choose a full sun spot for growing the flowerets. It’s necessary to avoid clay soil. If you pick up this sample, you will savour blooming from mid-summer through fall. As for the watering, you have to water vines when planting. Once established, the floweret is drought tolerant.     Read More: How To Start Growing Vegetables Indoors
Blue flax is a symbol of wild nature. You can hardly find a meadow without this charming and sensitive floweret. If you want to add this tender sample to your garden, you should prepare a sunny site with well-drained and sandy soil. By the way, it’s possible to start seedlings in the pot. You have to keep vines moist.  Coreopsis is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy lasting colour flowerets in your garden. It’s easy to take care of the plant. It’s enough to water it during extreme drought. Deadheading is also preferable.   

Reasons to start wild gardening

Nowadays it’s trendy to create wildflower patches in your garden. There are many reasons why landowners decode to give up an idea of cultivating extraordinary vines and prefer natural ones. Firstly, it’s an easy way to save time. Although you have to take care of your garden, yet, it takes little time and effort. Secondly, wildflowers are perfect means of attracting butterflies, bats or birds. If your aim is to build a green oasis for pollinators, it’s also a good idea to place bird homes or build a big mansion. However, you should not overdo it. Otherwise, you risk experiencing the regular visits of deer or hedgehogs. The third reason why many gardeners like growing wild vines is an opportunity to save money. The thing is the seeds of wildflowers are cheaper than seedling of roses or unusual orchids. Moreover, it’spossibletogatherseeds by yourself.