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Why are girls' boyfriends angry with sex education Expert Oloni?

Jan 14, 2020 by Andrew S Gillis.

Whether she's in a club or buying a tampon, 29-year-old Demi Oloniscan is never far from the people who seek her advice to change their romance. Among my fans, bloggers known as Oloni say, "I tell them, listen, I'm on vacation right now. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy and was buying toilet goods that a girl recognized me, hey you are Oloni. ' Oloni has more than two million followers on Instagram and Twitter (@Oloni), besides having a podcast and a TV series. Her extremely open responses to sex and relationship fans' questions and her infamous Twitter threads in which she asks her followers to tell her the most delightful stories about sex (the last time you asked her When did you have sex with someone?) Has made Olney a voice and an important resource for young women. But not everyone is happy with them.

Nightmares for boyfriends

"Many boys are afraid of the fact that I have access to girls," he said. I think they don't like that I'm helping women become more intelligent and make better decisions sexually and romantically. ' Oloniscan started his own blog, Simply Oloni, in 2008 as a kid about sex and relationships. She explains that at the time, she would write about herself and her friends' romantic lives and discuss topics that are not easy to talk about, especially when you have a Nigerian or Christian background. She explains: "I've always wanted to talk about sex and I wanted to spread awareness among women because I thought it was a topic that was not talked about, especially in my community." 'People think that if you are sexually free you are a complete star. This does not mean. It means that you are better aware, look at sex positively and want to inform the women around you. ' It has been a decade and now social media influencers receive nearly 100 requests for daily advice whose common topics are questions about relationships with a person from another culture, such as orgasm. She responds via her Instagram and her blog, and she guides people on the phone in lieu of a fee for more detailed advice. Olney Yasmin (right) advises friend Tyler (left) on a BBC Three dating program

Watch your TV show after blogs, Instagram and Twitter

For her new TV series on BBC Three, she trains inexperienced unmarried people, nominated by her friends. She advises them on the phone during the date. When Oloni mentions some of her questions to me, I'm not surprised why the girls who follow her don't always like Oloni. One of the stories that surprised me was when a girl suffered from a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Oloni says, 'When the girl talked to her partner about it, she replied that it might be you with a toilet seat. Oloni sees this story as proof that we don't talk too much about sex yet. She says one of the goals of starting a blog was to talk more about sexually transmitted infections and sexual pleasure. I think it's because more women, especially women in my community, are starting to talk about it and when they ever see me they say, oh my God if you weren't, my boyfriend would be inside me. Would never dare to say this or that. So I'm happy to see that change is coming.'