What is the prosecution against US President Trump?

Although threats of impeachment continue to be received on several occasions, to date only two US presidents have been elected.

In the past, President Bill Clinton, who was forty-two US president, was accused of obstructing justice, lying about the nature of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, and allegedly inciting her to lie.

The House supported the motion with 206 votes out of 228 on the first charge, and 212 out of 221 on the second charge.

However, when the matter reached the Senate in 1999, it did not receive two-thirds support for the decree.

At one point in the analysis, the BBC wrote, “In their unwillingness to oust the president, he did not think that these allegations could be proven.”


What is the prosecution against US President Trump? 1

The US president is alleged to have withheld Ukrainian military aid to force the newly elected president of Ukraine to launch an investigation into alleged corruption charges against the son of a former United States vice president and presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Why is motivation difficult?

It is difficult for a US president to be removed from office because it requires the approval of both houses of Congress.

Georgetown University expert Johnathan Turley told the BBC that ‘only a simple majority in the House of Representatives’ is required. Democrats controlled by the House of Representatives can easily run for a president who is a Republican if they prove a crime. ‘

The Senate then runs a lawsuit against the president in which he is removed from office, but a simple majority is not enough for him.

“There is very little chance that the Republican-majority Senate will remove President Trump from office when you want an overwhelming majority,” says Professor Turley.

The Senate needs the support of two-thirds of the Senate – 67 senators in the 100 – to remove the president.

However, because 53 Senators are currently Republicans, it is unlikely that a large number of them will vote in favour of ousting President Trump.

Only two US presidents have been elected in history; Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998 but both were ousted from the Senate.

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