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What is Acne?

Dec 15, 2019 by William Lewis.

Acne is the most frequent and unpleasant dermatologic problem. Every fifth person on this planet suffers of this embarrassing disease. First of all, acne is not an infectious disease. It is provoked by the interaction of the normal saprophyte bacterium and a very oily skin. The increase of the sebum secretion blocks the pilosebaceous excretion channel and thus blackheads appear. The hair follicle's colonization by the bacterium called "Propionibacterium" produces the inflammation and the papules and pustules. The most common sites of acne are the face, chest, shoulders and mostly on the back but also on the scalp. This disease affects both girls and boys and it worsens at the age of 17. The lesions' intensity decreases towards the age of 21 and at the age of 25 they disappear all alone. Only 5% of the women and 1% of the men at the age 40 are still affected by acne. According to some authors, the acne is hereditary but this is not proven yet. What is for sure is that stress causes acne - as students who have exams can confess. This disease provokes depressions, anxiety and social and professional handicap which closes the vicious circle. Girls noticed, of course, an increase of the eruption during the menstruation and the mentality that the problem will be solved once one begins the sexual life or that abstinence determined its aggravation, remains only a myth.