viral websites updated

viral websites updated 1

There are big updates on the two viral websites for Prometheus. Head on over to and you will see a monumental change in the design layout. Going to, you will see new imagery that includes a hexagon were clicking it will lead you to this site This is where 8 different film news sites come in as each possesses exclusive “access codes”. Cracking each code will unlock one of David’s emotions. Some of the 8 sites are as follows (we will update as more sites are revealed to have the codes):

2 of 8
3 of 8
4 of 8
5 of 8
6 of 8
7 of 8

Update: ALL access codes have already been solved even without knowledge of some of the codes themselves — lucky guesses. You can see David’s emotions unlocked here

New images from without the grid overlay:

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