US State of Utah: Free condoms ban on use of ‘persuasive sentences’

The governor of the United States of Utah, Gary Herbert, has stopped the free distribution of one million condoms. This decision was made because of sexually suggestive sentences on the packaging.

It features the acronym for Salt Lake City, Utah, and its capital, SL, UT, while also a packet of ‘roam the caves of Utah’.

They were developed by the Utah Department of Health in a campaign to promote HIV prevention and safe sex.

But now the department has apologized for this ‘outrageous packaging’.

A statement from Gary Herbert’s office belonging to the Republican Party said he was “aware of the importance of the Utah Department of Health to inform residents of the state about HIV.”

‘But they do not support the sexual gestures in the campaign that began with taxpayer money, and our office has asked the department to re-branding the campaign.’

In response, the Health Department tweeted that “the necessary steps for approval of the designs were not met” and urged all organizations involved in the campaign to stop the distribution of these condoms immediately.

The department also emphasized that they are still committed to ‘campaigning for HIV’ and want to do so in a way that respects taxpayers’ money.

The department planned to distribute these condoms through several medical centres in this western state of the United States.

HIV is a virus that slowly destroys the immune system of an infected person.

There are medicines to alleviate her symptoms but there is no cure yet.

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