5 Very Uncommon Causes Of Loose & Flat Tire

Ever experienced a flat tire?

Isn’t it a hassle to experience a flat tire in a storm or when you are in a hurry?

Flat tires can happen anywhere. The reasons are innumerable and the situation that they put us in, is far beyond explaining.

A flat tire is not just irritating, but also extremely dangerous. It can put you in jeopardy because if the car is at a high speed, a flat tire can unbalance it and might even flip it over Uncommon Causes Of Loose & Flat Tire. Loose tires and flat tires are severe conditions which can put you in deadly situations; if you are not careful.


The following are some of the little known reasons for flat tires and loose tires:

Uncommon Causes Of Loose & Flat Tire

1. Hot Temperatures

As the temperature rises, the chances of flat tires also rises. It happens in summers because the friction and the atmosphere heat expands the air inside the tire; increasing the pressure. When the pressure increases to unbearable amounts, the tire bursts due to the force caused by the expansion of air. Avoid driving fast during summers or always keep a check on the tire pressure. The rule of thumb can be 1 pound pressure for every 10 degrees of Fahrenheit increase in temperature.

2. Leakage

A flat tire can also be a gradual condition. The valve stem or the intersection of the tire bead could be damaged, which can cause the air to flow out of the tire gradually; resulting in a midway crisis in your travel plans. One advice would be to always check the tires before leaving the house with the help of water mixed with dish soap. If bubbles are formed at either of the two places, it confirms a leak else the tires are as good as new. It’s better to check yourself than to wonder or face a difficult situation.

3. Amateur Tire Change

Flat tires are not very uncommon phenomenons. Tire changing is also not a difficult job, rather a tiring one. Sometimes, individuals prefer to change their flat tires on their own, which at times result in amateur changing. They might not tighten the bolts as much as it is needed and leave it as it is. This is an extremely dangerous situation because it may not just unbalance the car on a highway, but also free the tire completely, which can result in some serious accidents. Always double-check the bolts, if you are changing the tires yourself.

4. Extreme Road Conditions

The conditions of the tires are not just dependent on the driver, but also the road conditions of the area. If the road conditions are extremely bad and bumpy, it may result in a flat tire or a loose tire. Always choose a bump-free route to accomplish your travel plans safely. Avoid roads with many potholes and rough patches.

5. Stunts


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Some of us love to do stunts on our vehicles. As adventurous as the experience is, the after-effects are also very dangerous. Our lives are not just at risk during the stunts, but also after it. Some stunts deteriorate the conditions of the tires; making them vulnerable to bursting or actually result in bursting immediately. Every adventure needs some safety precautions, so does this one. Always check the conditions of different parts of the vehicle before and after the stunt.

Precaution Is Always Better

Nothing is as worse as calling for a towing service in between a wonderful trip. To avoid such situations, it is better to take the necessary precautions. It is not just your life that is dependent on you because of this, but the lives of many inside and outside the car, who can be directly affected by the potential accident.

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