Latest TV Spot and Gruesome 3-Minute Red Band Clip

As a producer, James Gunn returns to his terrifying roots with Brightburn, directed by David Yarowski, a hybrid super-villain-origin story/horror kid flick that got on our way this month. MPAA has rated the movie “R” for “Horror Violence / Bloody Pictures, and Language,” and this rating is proudly displayed today at IGN’s Red Band clip. ۔

Elizabeth Banks stars in Luminous Burn, which seems to be the origin story of a supervillain who takes on the basic concept of Superman and reverses. In the film, a young boy is taken with human parents, not by this world, who consider him special. But not all cape wearers are heroes.

Jackson A. Dunn and David Denman also starred.

James Gunn announced last year, “About a year ago my brother Brian, my cousin Mark, director David Yarowski, producer Simon Hate and I started developing an idea for a horror movie that made me like this. There was nothing outside the Guardian. Over the years – it was personal and different, and perfectly suited to our times. And, yes, awesome. ”

The script was written by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn

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