TV spot deleted footage

There are some handfuls of scenes in New Line Cinema’s Fridays on Thursday that hopefully will release DVDs this summer, but until then you’ll have a look at the fifth TV spot to hit the web. You can see the two segments. From time to time, you can watch the footage and read about how this scene was used in the original cut. Jason Voorhees returns to the big screen on February 13th.
In the following TV spot, there are two shots from the same scene removed from the 13th Friday’s final cut. In this scene, Jason Vorhees is in his “lair” as he accelerates his cock (the final shot of the TV spot), where he has a flashback about his mother (Pamela) and puts on his mask. Have given. The original draft of the script took a moment where Jason is reminiscing about the day when his mother (literally) lost her head and took revenge on the camp’s advisers.

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