How to Create Your Own Travel Wall Map

Travelling is something like that a lot of people enjoy. Creating unforgettable memories and finding ways to remember them are just some of the things that make travel fun. It is quite common for people who travel to buy souvenir items from gifts shops, take photos of the places they visit and collect unique local items.

1 fun way to document your travels is to create a travel map that highlights cities and destinations that you have visited. It can give you a bird’s eye view of the different places you’ve visited and will allow you to see and plan where you may want to go next. Aside from these, it is a great way to give your home a touch of travel decoration.

Although there are premade maps that you can easily buy, you don’t necessarily have to purchase one to create a travel wall map. You can use a map customizer to create your map and then put on your crafting hat to create a pushpin travel map you can hang on any wall.

Materials Needed

  • 24-inch by 36-inch map (poster size)
  • One-fourth inch cork roll
  • 24-inch by 36-inch plyboard
  • 24-inch by 36-inch frame
  • Scissors
  • Small rolling brush
  • Adhesive glue
  • Hanging hardware
  • Multicolour push pins/sewing pins with small heads


Step One: Cut the Cork

Mark the dimensions on the cork to match the plyboard size and begin cutting delicately to prevent unintended rips or tears.

Step Two: Adhere the Plyboard to the Cork

Use a tiny low roller to apply glue liberally to the laminate. This will facilitate equal distribution of the glue and stop lumps once it dries.

Step Three: Adhere the Corkboard to the Map

Spread the glue evenly on the corkboard so there are no visible lumps. This will prevent the map from warping when the glue dries. Do not put too much glue to avoid bleeding to the map.

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Step Four: Smooth Out the Air Bubbles

Choose a flat and smooth object that doesn’t have sharp edges and run it over the surface of the map to evenly distribute the glue and remove any air bubbles. Let it dry for 30 minutes or an hour.

Step Five: Frame the Map

Place the frame over the corkboard and map.

Step Six: Place Pins on Map

Using different coloured pins, mark the locations you have visited on the map. Assign a colour to places that you want to visit soon.

Step Seven: Create a Map Legend

You can put other identifying things on your map such as small photos you’ve taken at the pinned location or dates of your visit. Feel free to design your map any way you want to.

Step Eight: Hang up Your Map

Choose a space where your map can be clearly seen. You can further decorate the wall with ornaments you’ve collected throughout your past travels.


Your very own travel map gives a unique touch to your home. It’s a reminder of favourite travel experiences and memories and will prompt you to make the next travel plans happen. From simple road trips to overseas adventures, you now have a single area to display all your travels. Enjoy pinning and travelling!


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