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Top 5 most expensive Air Jordans in history

Dec 20, 2019 by admin.

Let's start with some of the honourable mentions. The Air Jordan VI, released in 1990, was MJ's fifth signature shoe. Tinker Hat Field developed this design. What makes these shoes so important is that it contained "Nike Air" at the bottom of the heel, however, in later releases, the Nike Air print was replaced with the Jumpman logo . This is a common theme with expensive Air Ardens; they usually have a feature or something special about them that cannot be combined with another version of the same colorway. As a result of this one detail, these cheap jordans were sold for $ 10,000. Another notable shoe is the Air Jordan XVII (out of the box). The shoes were launched in 2002 after taking a brief break from MJ's NBA. What makes these shoes even stand out is that they came in a jumpsuit. They were sold at 11,267 Now for the top. Let's get rid of anything. 5. Air Jordan 10 OVO. This Air Jordan 10 is a limited edition shoe. So, how much do these shoes cost? They cost about $ 20,000. What adds to the value of these shoes is that the shoes themselves were gifted to Drake. It was the first pair of shoe lines that caused tremendous demand for shoes upon release - especially after photos of the shoe-worn drake leaked. No. 4. Air Jordan 1 (ASG 1985) These shoes were worn by Michael Jordan when he played in the NBA All-Star Game. His performance in this game was not high, but he is now more capable of wearing it when he has to face opponents. These shoes cost $ 21,780. Number 3. Air Jordan 12 (The Flow Game) Now this is a lot of money for the reason that is not due. 4 Shoes Michael Jordan wore this Air Jordan 12 during a game, except that he had the flu. Yet he still plowed and led his team to victory. The story behind it helps justify its worth of 25,000. No. 2. Eminem X Carhartt X Air Jordan 4 Retro. Everyone was drawn to this shoe design. They were designed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the creation of Shady Records. They are a limited edition shoe brand of Eminem. There was a bidding war for these shoes and the final bid reached £ 30,000. No. 1 Air Jordan Silver Shoes. Do you have any spare $ 60,000? Yes? Great! Then you can afford to buy these scarce Air Jordan Silver shoes. Although these cheap Air Jordan shoes belonged to Michael Jordan himself, he never wore them. This is one of the factors that increased the price. When he was 32, shoes were his wife's gift. They will cost more than $ 60,000 because this was the last time they went to auction.Top 5 most expensive air jordan