“There is nothing better than having a fantastic collection of music in a film” – Edith Bowman

Radio presenter and podcaster Edith Bowman takes us through a playlist of her favourite film soundtracks

There is nothing better than having a fantastic collection of music in a film. I launched my podcast two years ago, to celebrate the marriage of music and pictures, and each episode is with a different filmmaker, be that director, producer, writer, actor, composer or music supervisor.

I learn so much, every time I interview someone for the podcast, and I also get to add more and more amazing songs to my library. I would never profess to be an expert on film or music, I have always been and will continue to be a fan who has a genuine passion and interest in the art forms. I definitely listen more to film-soundtrack music now than I do traditional albums, both score and a mix of contemporary tracks.

Two of my favourites of the past few years have been Hans Zimmer’s score for Interstellar – Christopher Nolan told me the most wonderful story, about how Hans’ first interpretation of the story helped him write the film. I would say I listen to that score every week, particularly if I’m having “me time” walking over Hampstead Heath. Then Luca Guadagnino’s masterpiece, Call Me By Your Name, is, I think, one of the most stunning and perfect collection of songs from a film. He did this clever thing where he didn’t use a traditional composer to write a score, instead, he used already existing music from John Adams or Ryuichi Sakamoto, along with tracks from artists like The Psychedelic Furs or Sufjan Stevens, who actually wrote one brand-new track for the film. If you listen to one track on this playlist, please listen to Visions Of Gideon. I thought I’d put together a very short list of just some of my favourite tunes from films old and new.  I hope you enjoy!

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