The under £10 outfit fix

A shove-on-and-go alice band is the ideal answer to crappy hair days.

Not to bore you with tales of a childhood entirely unrelated to your life, but, when I was six, all I wanted in the whole wide world was one of those black hairbands with my name written out on it in jewels. Everyone had one, except me. I spent the rest of my youth making up for this fact, buying all manner of hairbands, some tasteful and some… not so much. Naturally, this prolific shopping habit died a death during adolescence, when all I wanted was as much hair over my face as physically possible and for absolutely nobody to look at me. Now, however, as a fully grown adult (hi, Mum!), I have rediscovered this jaunty little accessory and could not be happier. Don’t think they have anything to do with school – banish all thoughts of anything remotely twee and, instead, see them as an instant, no-faff way of making no effort with your hair whatsoever, while still looking excellent. Oh, don’t worry, I’m about to elaborate…

I have always wanted to be one of those people with perfect hair. Alas, this was not to be. The thing about perfectly coiffured hair (I’m assuming, given that I’m not the proud owner of such a thing) is that it takes time. And who, I ask you, has time on their side? A hairband, I’ve come to realise, doesn’t need time. If anything, it even buys you more. It is the Bernard’s Watch of the accessories world, designed to make life easier. Whether you wake up late, with no time to faff about with brushes and bobby pins, or are too busy enjoying your life to worry about whether or not you’ve got to wash your hair, a hairband allows you to have a new ‘do in mere seconds.

If it helps, they’re also very “on trend” right now, having been seen on the catwalk at Prada, Alex Wang and Tom Ford, to name a few. It means you can look like a brazen fashion virtuoso, while also covering up your greasy roots – never a bad thing.

Anthropologie is my favourite purveyor of hairbands, largely due to the sheer choice on offer. There’s everything from simple, neat styles to some that are slightly more… extra. Think embellishment, beads and beautiful colours– which mostly sit atop my head. And the high street, too, is full of hair-fixing saviours, from ASOS to Stradivarius. You’ll have so much spare time, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Plus, your hair will look great. Not even Bernard and his watch could say that.

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