The prosecution is unconstitutional and dangerous, lawyer Trump

The legal team of US President Donald Trump has called the proceedings unconstitutional and dangerous for the first time in his ongoing prosecution proceedings.

According to AFP reports, White House lawyer Pat Cipollone led the team, along with Ken, who joined Donald Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow and former US President Bill Clinton’s prosecution in 1990. Alan Dershowitz, the star and prominent lawyer, was also present.

Reacting to the president’s accusations, the defence team said that the offensive process, which was approved by the Democrats-majority House, is a dangerous attack on the American people’s right to freely choose their president.

“It is a self-imposed illegal move to suspend the results of the 2016 elections and interfere with the 2020 elections,” he said in the statement.

It should be noted that the US president has been accused of misusing powers in connection with a probe against Biden, withholding military aid from Ukraine and a meeting with the country’s president in the White House.

The White House violated federal law by stopping Congress-approved aid, the Neutral Government Accountability Agency said in its report.

The second charge against the US president is to not provide witnesses and documents to investigators for a motion in the House despite Congress’ summons.

Donald Trump’s defence team said that “the prosecution’s action is unconstitutional; they have failed to accuse any crime or lawbreaking.”

Earlier, sources close to Donald Trump’s legal team, speaking to reporters, said that ‘prosecution proceedings violate the Constitution because they came after illegal proceedings’.

He said that Donald Trump met with the Ukrainian president in the United Nations in September and issued military aid and had not sought any interest.

The prosecution’s trial prosecutors and house managers filed their statement, citing American constitution writers, saying that Trump’s actions were a nightmare for those accused.

Giving a joint statement after filing his brief, he said, “The case against the US president is very simple, the facts cannot be denied and the evidence is overwhelming.”

He said, “President Trump abused his powers and called for external interference in our elections for his own political interest, which threatened our national security and damaged our election, democracy’s credibility.”

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