The plastic-free solution for smoothing your dry skin

Did you hear? Microbeads have finally been banned. Hurrah! No more plastic in your oysters – shuck away. Last Tuesday, it was announced that the manufacture of cosmetics containing the teensy plastic beads that clog up our oceans is now prohibited, with a ban on sales from July. Fabulous news and an opportunity to tell you about one of my favourite (plastic-free) body scrubs, Neal’s Yard’s Seaweed Salt Scrub.

If you don’t know much about Neal’s Yard Remedies, let me fill you in. Established in 1981, it is the brainchild of ex-teacher Romy Fraser. A forerunner in the natural beauty movement – as well as not testing on animals, being certified organic, registered as CarbonNeutral® and using 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging – Neal’s Yard has been a loud supporter of the microbead ban. Typically used in face and body scrubs, Neal’s Yard has made a point of not using plastic beads – instead finding natural alternatives. Case in point: their Seaweed Salt Scrub, which uses – yep, you guessed it – salt, to smooth out your dry bits.

Grey, thick and with huge chunks of salt and pumice, this stuff is robust. This is not a scrub for the delicate – this is a scrub that goes hell for leather on your bum and the backs of your thighs to exfoliate and boost circulation. It’s a saint at smoothing rough feet and works a treat on the bumpy backs of arms, too. It’s brisk and it’s vigorous. The one downside is the tube; so dense is the paste that a tub would be better suited – in other words, be prepared to squeeze. On the flip side, it isn’t messy and doesn’t cling to the bathtub. Use daily, use weekly, use whenever you darn well please. It’s £18.50, so ain’t cheap, but it feels lovely, it’s effective and you will notice the difference.

While we’re on the subject, can I quickly tell you about their Wild Rose Beauty Balm? Another of the brand’s heroes, I was recommended this recently by a friend who emailed me, simply saying, “My elbows and cuticles thank this product with all the gusto of Beyoncé on the dancefloor.”

A solid moisturising balm, it is a whizz for softening dry skin – including face – be that as it may, can likewise be utilized as a face chemical (knead into dry skin, at that point tenderly wipe off with the muslin material that accompanies it) and a face veil (apply to dry skin, spread with a comfortable fabric to open pores, take off fabric, leave for 30 mins, then wipe off). It’s multi-use and smells beautifully rosy, which just about justifies the £40 price tag. Call it a Blue Monday treat to self.


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