The idiot-proof guide to summer glam

Queen of “can’t be bothered” Daisy Buchanan shares her lazy summer beauty tips.

In theory, I adore summer, possibly because I labour under the misapprehension that it is my sexiest season. In the way that I see tiny jeans and think they could magically sculpt my thighs into slenderness, like denim jelly moulds, I see pictures of Emily Ratajkowski on the beach and believe that the sea and sand might also magic me into a bronzed goddess, instead of a woman who spends 10 months of the year eating pork pies in pubs.

Unfortunately, summer is also my laziest season and I am deeply resentful of any activity that cuts into my lying-down time. Let’s be real – I’m not capable of the maintenance required to be a goddess, even one that’s made of pork and pastry. However, I have fallen in love with several summer beauty products that do a magnificent job of creating the beach-goddess illusion, but can be applied in five minutes with a hangover. These are so good at bringing the glamour when you’re feeling your most unglamorous that they’re practically a witness-protection programme for the face. Here’s my idiot-proof summer glam edit:


I’ve never met a NARS product I didn’t like, and the Bord de Plage compact (£35) might be my new favourite thing – it’s inducing Gollum-like levels of covetousness. It has six shades – two matte, light-diffusing bronzers and four slightly shimmery, water-activated highlighters. This is miraculous because it’s basically made for people with sweaty faces (and as soon as the temperature hits double figures I turn into Albert Brooks in Broadcast News).

Also, you can create your own bespoke level of bronzedness, whether you want a hangover hider, a “Yeah, it looks like I went to Tuscany for the weekend, but I was just in my own back garden!” shade of smug or the full Studio 54 Oscar statuette glow. Also, you’re probably not supposed to do this, but I’ve been using the Galet highlighter (bottom row, middle) as an eyeshadow and it’s the tits – velvety and perfectly pigmented. At £35, it’s not the cheapest option, so if you want something similar and serviceable, and know that you won’t feel as though the world is ending if you leave it on top of the loo in the Airbnb, Bourjois Mat Illusion bronzer (£7.99) is great for warming and evening on a warm evening.

NARS Bord de Plage compact £35

Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzer £7.99


In “Things you never even knew you wanted, but can become quickly addicted to” (see also Benefit They’re Real mascara primer), my surprise obsession is Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow hydrating tint (£35). It’s unisex, which is all fun and games when you’re brandishing it at a reluctant partner, and then maddening when they’re converted and nick it. I’ve used self-tanning face moisturisers before, with varying degrees of success, but this is in a league of its own, as it apparently “mimics” the skin’s “bouncy lipids”. (I might change my name to Bouncy Lipids.) It really seems to work with my skin and it makes me look, in the best possible way, like a 1970s picture postcard, in the cartwheeling one’s way through It’s A Knockout sense, rather than having a fag on the bus. For a similar effect but half the price, put a tiny bit of Benefit Sun Beam (£15.60) in your regular moisturiser.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Hydrating Tint £35

Benefit Sun Beam £15.60


I’ve been using blusher and bronzer ever since I read that Liz Hurley does it – even though she never seems to spill her make-up on her white jeans. And I love anything that has two uses, because it means there are fewer things to fall out of my handbag. So, once bronzed, my lazy, sexy, slap-it-on-because-it’s-idiot-proof-even-after-three-lunch-beers go-to is Inika Organic’s Lip & Cheek Cream (£19), which makes me come over all Shirley Valentine and has the most subtle J-Lo shimmer going on, which fellow fans of NARS Orgasm will be all over. Burberry Beauty Lip & Cheek Bloom is a spenny £24, but the posh packaging makes it look even splurgier. It feels ice-cream soft (but not cold or sticky) and it’s easy to layer – you can dial it all the way up to RuPaul or right down to Really Brisk Walk.

Inika Organic’s Lip & Cheek Cream £19

Burberry Beauty Lip & Cheek Bloom £24


For my money, the prettiest summer lip colour ever is Chantecaille Lip Sheer in Flamingo (£32). It feels nourishing, hydrating and will make you feel like Jennifer Love Hewitt starring in some sort of sexy beach caper set in Barbados, instead of someone who has spent the day picking sand out of their teeth while yelling impotently at a broken windbreaker. Also, its dimensions and shininess are pure 80s boardroom CEO, so don’t blame me if you suddenly find yourself in charge of the Sanderson account. Alternatively, you can make like a constipated mathematician and work it out with a pencil. Specifically, Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm, a wallet-friendly £6, which comes in baby pinks and bold corals.

Chantecaille Lip Sheer in Flamingo £32

Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm £5.99


My final tip for “can’t be bothered” bombshells is hair-based. I’ve always loved the idea of sea-salt spray, and never quite got on with it in reality – what claims that it will turn me into a Malibu surfer girl usually ends a bit “attacked by seagulls outside a chip shop in Skegness”. However, I really like John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray (£5.89). It’s light, coconutty and emphasises any natural curl or bounce you have in your hair – and it’s great for lazy people, because you can wash your hair, towel-dry it, spray the ends, put it in a bun and then go out and live your life for a few hours – then shake it out when you’re ready and do the full Sexy Librarian routine. I’m also a fan of Umberto Giannini Pool Proof Cream (£8), which protects your hair from the sun (and your highlights from chlorine) and gets absorbed into your hair to make soft, deliciously scented waves, in an idiot-proof way. Perfect if you, like me, get “tired from pink wine” and can’t face faffing about with hair tongs before dinner.

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