The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer

The sun is out (for now) and if you’d rather spend more time in it than getting read for it, take a look at Tory Frost’s get-out-of-the-house-quick beauty kit .

How much time do you have in the morning to get yourself together? Four minutes? Forty minutes? Either way I’d be surprised if you didn’t fancy the chance to shave a bit of time off.

As someone who does everything at speed, I’m all about time-savers, especially in summer, when I’d rather be out in the sun rather than getting ready for it. So, whether you’re off on your holiday or just want to get out of your sticky bathroom sooner (I really have to invest in a bloody fan), here are the tried and tested products that I’ve found help.


If you want to wake up looking perkier than the night before, Solait’s mega cheap overnight tan mask is as good as some pricier versions. I put it on top of Avene’s Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum (12.75), which is water-based (anything oil-based will make it patchy and messy) before bed. It means I can skip bronzer and even foundation the next day (a good tan will make your skin look more even).

The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer 1

Solait overnight tan mask, £3.29


I don’t know how it works, but Batiste’s Blow Dry Acceerator spray has shaved about five minutes off my blow drying time this week, meaning I’ve done roughly twenty percent less sweating into my clean-on clothes. As a lovely added bonus it also left my hair smoother, needing less styling effort before I left the house. Just spritz a light layer on to towel dried hair before any other styling product. I’d highly recommend this.

The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer 2

Batiste blow dry accelerator shine, £2.99


Want to stop wasting time rummaging around for the right product? Put your basics in a clear make-up bag. I’ve been using the smaller of these Emma Lomax bags to take my capsule ‘Tube kit’ of beauty bits to work, and although it’s slightly too small for full-size brushes, it makes it super easy to find each product.

The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer 3

Emma Lomax travel bag, £18

If you need a heavier does of organisation then check out Trish McEvoy’s cult make-up planners. These luxe make-up cases have a devoted approach to beauty storage and will keep your products in order thus easy to find. (The removable mesh pouch is particularly handy for stuffing in your handbag or traveling with). They come in three sizes and start at £35.

The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer 4

Trish McEvoy petite planner, £35


I rarely leave the house, year round, without a facial SPF. But in a rush, IT Cosmetic’s Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF 50+ cream is an incredibly natural-looking, dewy, medium coverage foundation – ignore the name – that contains broad spectrum SPF 50 that’s shielded me on a couple of unexpected afternoons in the beer garden. DO NOT use it instead of sun cream on the beach – unless you slather on a hefty layer it won’t offer proper protection. But do choose it when you’re out and about and strapped for time. It comes in seven shades from fair to deep. If you’re staying in the sun then spray La Roche-Posay’s SPF 50 facial mist over the top.

The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer 5

IT Cosmetic Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF 50+ cream, £30



If you have a fringe, summer heat is your biggest nightmare, but rejoice – headbands are back. Not the alice band of your childhood, but a jazzy wrap that holds back your limp hair on weekends and – bonus – stops sweat running in to your eyes while you read your book on the beach. I’ve picked up three of these fun Lush knot-wraps for my holiday. They’re designed to be used as reusable wrapping paper, but so what? Fold diagonally, then, starting with the pointy end, roll into a tight sausage and tie around your head – bow at the front.

The beauty expert’s guide to saving time this summer 6
Lush wrap, £4.50


I didn’t promise to save you money, but time, and although it’s not in everyone’s budget (about £45), a lash lift definitely saves time in front of the mirror. I’m far too low-maintenance to look after lash extensions, but Nouveau’s Lashes LVL Lift curls and lifts lashes to brilliant effect. It lasts about 6 weeks and really does give a mascara-like look that lets low maintenance folk go without. I also think it shaves off a few years, if that’s your thing, by making your eyes look more awake. Appointments last 45 minutes. Find somewhere near you here.

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