The 5-year-old girl became Queen

ISKO: An Egyptian-born girl has achieved an extraordinary reputation by winning the competition in Russia, with 5 million girls competing in the beauty pageant, but the success was crowned by Taya Hamdi.

According to a foreign news agency reports, in Egypt and Russia media these days, a five-year-old Egyptian-born Tia Hamdi Hassan girl has been reportedly abnormal.

Russia’s capital, Moscow and other major cities are full of images of Tia Hamdi Hassan are being portrayed as a little heroin.

Its promotional posters were also issued by fashion modelling companies, but the fame is due to Russia’s participation in the competition for children and to receive the address of Queen Hassan.

Tia Hassan’s father is an Egyptian, but he married a Russian girl, the first child born after the marriage was named Tia Hamadi Hassan.

Hassan’s father Hassan while talking to the Arab news agency said that his daughter has citizenship in both Egypt and Russia.

The father said that when the daughter’s age was a year and a half old, extraordinary abilities began to appear in her and she began to speak Egyptian Arabic as well as Russian.

The 5-year-old girl became Queen 1

He said that our daughter was an intelligent, extraordinary force owner of Bella’s memory and was interested in Bollywood dance.

Hassan and his wife spent three months a year in Russia, where Tia Hamdi acquired more skills and began commercializing TV channels at a young age, according to a report by the Arab News Agency.

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In Russia, he emerged as a commercial TV star and participated in the beauty contest between children locally.

Five million Russian girls participated in the competition, but the success was decorated in the name of Tamia Hamdi and she was declared Egyptian-born Russian-born Queen Hassan.

According to a Russian news agency report, Tia Hamdi Hassan is the first Arab girl to have addressed the queen of Russia.

Tia Hamdi’s parents said they would soon take part in the beauty pageant competition.

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