3 Big Companies that Has Important Roles in Dubai’s Telecommunication

The way you interact with other people can make a big and rewarding difference. This also applies to business systems. A good communication system in a company offers many benefits that affect a company’s productivity and even its future. Talking about communication, a phone will always be the first thing that comes to our mind. In a company, the phone and the communication system play an important role that combines all the elements in the company.

Of the many types of phones that can be used to support a company’s communication system, IP Phones are a great choice. It offers many benefits and features that you cannot get over a traditional phone system. Therefore, many companies try to provide services to help those who need this phone. One of them is the iLink IP phone. This is a service/phone product offered by Yealink, a large UEA company.

Who is Yealink?

Yealink is a Dubai based company. The company offers a variety of IP phone products and services for businesses. It also becomes an important part of the transformation of Yealink communications technology. They have released many innovative products and new technologies that help many companies in this country improve their communication systems and make them reliable.

Why did the company succeed in helping UEA transform communication technology? That is mostly due to the concept of their business and services. They offer easy-to-use service that is made from the latest technology. This means that their clients can still use high-tech and advanced communication systems, though they do not have high potential in this technology-specific field. That’s why this company has successfully contributed to UEA communications technology.

Esther Company

Yealink is not the only communications company in Dubai that has a large share in the country’s communications transformation. The other company that has an important role is Esther. The company has become a popular and preferred service among small to medium enterprises and offices. They really focus their company on this scale. Their service allows small-scale businesses to enjoy cutting-edge communications technology, just like a large company.

1 of their most popular products is the Yeastar PBX system. This system offers many benefits to small to medium-sized businesses. The first benefit is an easy installation. The current communication system of this company does not require much money or time to implement this system. Everything can be done easily without any problems. In addition, Estar also offers a service for this purpose.

Additionally, the company’s PBX system also has an automatic configuration. This feature helps the business a lot because we know that not all companies have a specialist who understands how to adjust the IP phone system. With the auto-configure feature, once installed, it will automatically adjust the system so it is compatible with user requirements. In addition, the system is also designed to easily expand in the future after business growth. This adds a lot of value to this system.

Grand Stream

GrandStream or GrandStream Networks, Inc. is another telecommunications company in the UAE. This is just a branch of a central company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Although it is a branch of Dubai, the company still has an important role in the communication technology market in Dubai.

Grand Stream product is known for its high quality. Numerous organizations in Dubai and the UAE utilize their administrations as a significant piece of their correspondence framework. This shows how significant and skilled this organization is in giving the best correspondence administration to these organizations, particularly IP Telephones.

The Grandstream IP Phone series has many features and different designs than other companies. For example, their phone has useful features that can ease the need for communication between the company or the companies. They offer a high-resolution LCD screen for a better experience when you’re having a video call session.

They also design match products and services to meet your business and needs. This saves more budget and provides a better and more profitable impact on your company. In short, if you are looking for the best IP phone service in Dubai, Grand Stream Business IP Phone is the answer.

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To conclude

The three companies mentioned above have a very important role in the telecommunications industry in Dubai, the UAE, and the Middle East. However, they also provide a global service that gives you the opportunity to enjoy their products and services if you need them.

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