Surprise! You’re still not paid fairly. Here’s what you can do about it today

Tomorrow marks Equal Pay Day, the point in the year from which women will effectively “work for free”. Radhika Sanghani explains how you can help eradicate the pay gap from your desk.

As of tomorrow, women will officially be working for free for the rest of the year. Not out of choice, but because of the gender pay gap, which – almost 50 years after the Equal Pay Act went through – still means that women are earning 13.7% less than men in the UK, according to the ONS.

This Saturday 10 November is known as Equal Pay Day, the marker in the year that denotes the moment women effectively stop earning, compared with men, all because of discrimination and inequality. Cue memes about why you should hire women (because they’re cheaper than men!) and empty promises from companies promising to work harder to close their gender pay gap and then doing very little about it.

The gender pay gap is so entrenched in our society that, at times, it can feel near impossible to lessen it. The government has already decreed it is illegal, forced companies with more than 250 employees to reveal their gap, the media has shamed the worst offenders – and the gap is still there.

But it’s important to remember that things are getting better. The pay gap has lessened in the last few years and, the more that campaigns like #EqualPayDay keep going, the more that things will get better. It’s also not just up to big employers and top CEOs to close the gender pay gap. .

So, this Equal Pay Day, why not think about taking action in one of the ways listed below? Whether it’s having a serious pay conversation with a male colleague, joining the social media blackout or donating to funds, there are plenty of options.


A year ago, everybody at The Pool changed their Out Of Office reaction to state “Out of Office. For the remainder of the year. Not so much. I’m simply coming to a meaningful conclusion.” The thought was to utilize email OOOs to spread the message about the sexual orientation pay hole and we will do a similar this year. 

The Ladies’ Balance Gathering and Now have likewise concocted a progression of gifs and jpegs for individuals to post to make it resemble their internet based life and sites aren’t working. Since, as the OOO email recommendation says, “Today is successfully the most recent day ladies in the UK are paid to work. Due to the sexual orientation pay hole, the normal lady is working for nothing until the year’s end. Things being what they are, if ladies aren’t getting paid, for what reason would it be a good idea for them to work? #OutOfOffice.” 

ASK YOUR MALE Associates WHAT THEY Acquire 

We as a whole realize that nobody likes discussing cash in England. It’s ungainly and it’s awkward, regardless of whether you’re being told you’re getting a compensation rise. But at the same time it’s the best way to accomplish straightforwardness and ensure that organizations can’t pull off paying their male staff more than their female staff. Simply take the BBC – numerous ladies had the option to battle for pay ascends when they found their male companions were winning more than them. 

It’s the reason more ladies could truly profit by asking our male associates what they gain. It sounds alarming, yet an ongoing Fawcett study found that half of all specialists would impart their pay data to an associate whom they didn’t know well overall, on the off chance that they figured they may be encountering separation. This figure hops to 62% for ladies and 57% for men on the off chance that it was a partner who they knew well in their group. 

60% of laborers are uninformed that they have a lawful right to have discussions with associates about pay in the event that they think they are being victimized due to their sex 


In the event that discussing pay rates with male partners feels excessively testing, at that point another similarly significant choice is to bring issues to light about the sexual orientation pay hole in the working environment. The equivalent Fawcett study found that one of every three people in work don’t have the foggiest idea about that it is unlawful to pay people contrastingly for equivalent work. Despite the fact that the Equivalent Compensation Act came to fruition in 1970, individuals still don’t think enough about it – and don’t feel they can discuss it. 60% of laborers are uninformed that they have a legitimate right to have discussions with associates about pay in the event that they think they are being victimized on account of their sex, while 31% of laborers accept their agreements forbid them from conversing with partners about pay – in spite of this being lawfully unenforceable. 

A straightforward method to battle this is to begin inception discussions about equivalent compensation, sexual orientation pay holes and segregation in the work environment. What’s more, what preferable day to do it over on Equivalent Compensation Day? 

Give Assets 

This year, the Fawcett Society and business law philanthropy YESS Law have propelled another Equivalent Compensation Guidance Administration, which intends to help ladies on low earnings who accept they are encountering pay separation and who don’t approach lawful exhortation. It was set up with a liberal gift from previous BBC China Supervisor Carrie Gracie from antedated pay she got after it turned out that she was being paid over £100,000 not exactly male companions. “The battle for equivalent compensation regularly sets a solitary lady against a ground-breaking manager,” she clarifies. “Without the help of other BBC Ladies and without extraordinary legitimate guidance, I would have attempted to overcome my own equivalent compensation difficulty. I feel especially worried about low-paid ladies who will be unable to manage the cost of lawful counsel, and I trust support from our new Equivalent Compensation Exhortation Administration will help give them the certainty to seek after their privileges.” 

The Equivalent Compensation Guidance Administration is currently dynamic, yet at the same time needs reserves. Thus, in case you’re in a situation to make a gift, you can do as such here on GoFundMe at


Unfortunately, this is not a real party. But a group of great profile are sending out invitations to The End of The Pay Gap Party, which is set to take place on 10 November 2235. “You’re invited to the party of the millennium marking the end of the gender pay gap,” reads the invitation. For anyone who doesn’t want to wait 217 years to celebrate the end of the gender pay gap, there is another option. People are encouraged to RSVP by clicking on this button, which automatically sends out a tweet to their local MP, asking them what they and their party are doing to close the gender pay gap.

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