Stick this playlist on, throw some limbs around and beat out the January slump – Felix Hagan and the Family

Natasha Hodgson of rock group Felix Hagan and the Family shares a glittery playlist to help beat the January blues

There are too many people in our band. There are seven people in our band, all of whom have wildly different music tastes, and when we’re squeezed into one van on tour it can make for a disturbingly eclectic playlist (and just so much sweat). What’s lovely about it is that we’re constantly debating, showing each other and falling in love with (as well as being horrified by) new stuff, and ultimately it means we’re influenced by a wide range of genres – modern pop, indie rock, musical theatre, club bangers, experimental electro, K-Pop and Whitney Houston (yes, she’s a genre).

We love putting on huge, glittery, welcoming shows – nights that make you cheer and dance and drip sequins on to strangers and friends – and hope that our total joy in music in all its facets, styles and nonsense comes across when we scramble gleefully on to the stage. Seven is always too many people for the stage, obviously, but it’s far too late for that now. We’ve really loved fighting over this playlist and we hope you can stick it on, throw some limbs around and beat out the January slump. Banging rock, some classic pop, our favourite new artists and we’ve snuck a couple of our songs in there, too, because, damn it, gig fees split seven ways doesn’t get us very far. Come see us play! We’ll have a lovely time! Happy New Year and enjoy xx

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