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Two Futuristic Options of Solar-Powered Car

Feb 18, 2020 by William Lewis.

The power of the sun is available for free; that is why innovators throughout the world find ways to take advantage of the sun's power. Many sun-powered products have been created; they include sun-powered lamps that light up the night, desalinators to create clean water. The innovation is a solar-powered car. Even though sun-powered cars have not been widely found around the world, they have been around for a few years. Many of them have competed with each other, in terms of designs, look, and efficiency. In Australia, a race was even held for the world’s fastest and most efficient sun-powered car. The following are three of the most futuristic options.

Stella Lux

This is the world’s first family car powered by solar energy. Unlike the previous sun-powered car models, which have a single-person cockpit, Stella Lux can carry passengers. The car is equipped with additional seats for up to three passengers, without reducing the speed when roaring the road. Built by Solar Team Eindhoven, Stella Lux is an energy positive family car, as it is so efficient. More interestingly, it comes with aerodynamic designs, which include extended roof on both sides to accommodate a panel of solar panels.   ReadMore:   Things to Consider in Buying The Best Convertible Car Seat

The Immortus

Designed by EVX Ventures, which is based in Melbourne, The Immortus is powered purely by solar energy. This is an exotic solar-powered car. Built with photovoltaic panels on the roof, this car is a great option to save money on gas. The car is designed to run on solar power and store the energy to be used later. This makes the sports car able to endure longer. The car is about to reach the final stage of its development. However, do not be too optimistic that it will save you money on the purchase. It reportedly will cost about $370.000! Besides those two options of solar-powered cars, there are actually many other options. They include The Xenith, which was built by the racers from Stanford University in 2011. The solar-powered car is actually good news for the automotive industry, as solar energy is available anytime, free.