PhoneDrone Ethos will change your Smartphone into a Drone

Nowadays, the drone’s users are increasing extremely. Moreover, there are many drone brands in the market that are offering an affordable price for the customers.

However, in the photography world, the drone with a high-quality camera is a must-have tool although it maybe has the expensive price. For this solution, a smartphone is maybe the perfect answer to take the photography from the air. However, the problem is how to make a smartphone into a drone?

There is a project that is developed by X-craft. This project is called “Phonedrone Ethos”.

What is this? It is maybe strange, but this phone drone has a great function for your smartphone especially for you who love photography. This PhoneDrone Ethos will make your smartphone into a drone with many features as the high-class drone that is sold in the market has. This phone drone is really simple and very easy to be used. You just need to place the smartphone into a place that is available. However, this project is not sold in the public yet. This project is now still in the development step and the fund-collecting is the “Kickstarter” site.

Craft as the developer is said that you did not need a special skill to use and fly this PhoneDrone Ethos.

So, everyone is can use this phone drone, the important thing is that they have a smartphone. Besides that, they are also said that this drone can help the customers to maximize the smartphone that they have. By using this new drone, we will get a new experience that is maybe we cannot get even in maximizing the smartphone that we are usually used.


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If it was completed with the supported application, the result of the pictures from the camera phone is can be enjoyed with the other gadgets with the WiFiconnection. Besides the smartphone, this phone drone is also can be used in the other smart gadgets such as the smartwatch. You can use this smartwatch to take a picture by using the drone.

The other advantage of this Phone Drone Ethos is that this drone has a small size than the other common drone in the market.

So it will be easier for you to bring this smartphone’s drone anywhere because this drone is so practically simple. With this Phonedrone ethos, you can get the brand new experience in using your smartphone

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