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Oceanic Acid can Frustrate Shark’s Tough Skin

Ocean acidification could degrade sharks’ tough skin

Shark’s hard, toothless skin cannot be matched with acidic seas in the future. Nine weeks after seawater exposure, the estimated acid levels were copied in 2300, with corrosion inflamed the edges of many teeth – dental-like protrusions that, on three puffed glassware, scientists reported December 19. Reported to Damaged dentures carry a higher risk of …

10 Top Languages for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

10 Top Languages for Artificial Intelligence

Here are the ten most essential programming languages for machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the growing popularity of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence have come an increasing demand for developers with the skills needed to fill roles focused on those fields. One sign of that demand is the booming number of users of GitHub, which …

Facebook’s AI mathematician can solve university accounting problems


Machines are improving mathematics – artificial intelligence has learned to solve university-level calculus problems in seconds. François Charlton and Gillum Sample at Facebook AI Research unravelled the problems of tens of millions of calculus through a computer. Problems were mathematical impressions that included integration, a common calculus technique for finding the area under a curve. …