Review of Movie Pinocchio

Roberto Benigni plays the woodcutter Gepito, who pushes a puppet to replace his son, who he never had, directing the cartoonist, Lovable Children’s Book Director Matteo Geron. In tune with

With Roberto Benigni as a woodcutter and on the go with the Children’s Star Federico Ilapi, the creation of a stand-by-the-tree dialogue, a new addition to the 1883 classical history of the new Pinocchio Carlo Collodi of the Mito Giron. The ambitious film creates real emotion in adaptation. Although not as terrifying as the director’s story, which was based largely on Napoleon’s fairy tales in the 17th century, it is still a serious, unpublished version of this book. With a nineteenth-century image. It is one of the rare films that can attract mixed-age groups, and both young children and adults were elated to open Christmas in Italy.

This story was made famous by Disney’s classic animated film from 1940, and Benigni himself directed an extremely unpopular adaptation in 2002, in which he also acted as a weird waterproof. Now in the works is Guillermo del Toro’s long-overdue stop motion animation, which will air on Netflix in 2021.

Garion is definitely an important adaptation. Perhaps the most striking feature of this film is the way it manages to marry a realistic social environment inhabited by the poorer, hungry countryside of 19th-century Italy, with the imagination of this book. Coldwave is a wonderful story of animals playing the role of animals and humans in the animals. In the view of a wooden puppet who wants to be a real human boy, there are paths along the path of light that make it evergreen.

Under the unusual artificial make-up of Academy Award winner Mark Quiller, the monstrous creatures roaming the film may be in for a surprised laugh, but they are still monsters. The first of these, of course, is Pinocchio himself. Behind the puppet’s hard wood-faced face are the glowing eyes and moving mouth of an 8-year-old Alibi, who is extremely reliable in the middle of a half-man, half-life-saving object. But in a world full of grannies (Maria Pia Timo), guerrilla judges (taco cello), and a talking circle (David Marotta), talking wood is no big deal.

The story begins when the lonely Geppetto decides to make a lifetime of thin. He works on a wooden trunk that has already displayed strange features and soon becomes a human boy. Benny plays the threadbare craftsman with an unexpected emotional depth that recalls the sacrifice of the bride himself who portrayed her in the Oscar-winning role in Life’s Beautiful. When his creation comes to life, he happily announces Panchoiu to be his son, and he sells his backpack to buy his school book so he can learn to write.

As cute as he looks in his little red hat and short pants, Pinocchio is a naughty, disobedient tyke who will do anything to avoid going to school. When he runs out of the house, Geppetto sets out to find him and promises to search the whole world. This marks the start of a puppet adventure.

In the screenplays of Giron and Massimo Sicherini, epic adventures run smoothly together, as the rebellious free spirit of Pinocchio reluctantly turns to attend school and working for others. While Benigni’s directing film has mixed feelings about preventing a child’s natural desire for freedom, Giron’s attitude is more sarcastic but also realistic. As Doug Mann’s director and the feature version of Gomorrah know, social conditions create restrictions in childhood, which is also a luxury that should be removed soon.

Kidnapped by a firefighter (Luigi Proietti), the master of the puppet theatre, Pinocchio is almost dead. He then meets a pair of blunders known as Kate (played by Cicerini) and Fox (Rocco Papilio), who trust the trusting boy’s money to take it away. Let him plant a “mini tree” on the ground and plant it. This leads to the dreadful scene of the film hanging from the tree in order to kill Pinocchio, and at the same time, he casually burns his feet in the place.

Enter the Blue Fairy, a lively little girl who nurtures her life with her lousy partner. Pinocchio’s heart was full. Demonstrating her love for these masculine personalities is contrary to the lack of consideration especially for the poor Geppetto. The next time she meets him, Prey is a beautiful young lady (French actress Marine Wicket) on a mission to teach him responsibility.

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