In this Article, we are going to discuss the leader in buying a refrigerator. I am sure you will be able to buy the perfect fridge for yourself, or this shopping guide can help your friends and family members too.

Let’s talk about what you should know before buying a refrigerator.

1 – Budget

You need to have a budget so you can see what is in your budget.

2 – Area dimensions

Another thing to keep in there mind when buying a fridge is the dimensions of the place, where you are going to keep this refrigerator.

If you have these two things, you can move on. Before I talk about refrigerator types, let me talk about defrosting types.

There are two types of defrosting that are directly cool and frost-free.

Directly cooled refrigerators (manual) use natural connections for cooling refrigerators but use electric fans for defrosting refrigerator (auto) cooling.

Types of refrigerators

1 – Single door refrigerator

The single-door refrigerator is most often a straight-cold refrigerator, so keep that in mind and check if it is directly cold or defrost-type. This kind of fridge is right for one or two people. If you do not store a lot of things in the refrigerator, you can go with a single door refrigerator.

2 – Double door refrigerator

Double door refrigerators are very common in India. It has a freezer upstairs and a fridge at the top. Still, nowadays you get double indoor lockers with a freezer downstairs and a refrigerator at the top which is good because in India we don’t store a lot of things. In the freezer, we save a lot of things in the fridge, so this is a good idea because you don’t have to bend over every time you need to remove your refrigerator.

3 – Triple door refrigerator

If your family is big, a triple door fridge is perfect for you. In this refrigerator, you can find the bottom tray where you can store your vegetables and items.

4 – Side by side refrigerator

This type of fridge is significant, and you can store a lot of things in this refrigerator, and if your family has 7-8 people or more, this type of fridge is right.

Now, once you’ve decided what kind of refrigerator you want, you need to determine the capacity of the litre. It depends entirely on the family and your usage. Some families prefer not to put their staff in the fridge so they can go into a door fridge.

For example-

If there are two people in your family, you can select a range from 150 litres to 250 litres.

If you have 3-4 members in your family, then you should go for a 250-500 litre capacity fridge.

If your family have more than five members, then definitely go for a 500+ litre capacity refrigerator.

But remember, it is entirely up to you to decide what kind of refrigerator you want for your family size and needs.

Star rating

Another essential thing to remember before buying a fridge is the star rating. When it comes to the refrigerator, the star rating is critical because the refrigerator is something that you stay on for 24 to 7 days 365 days. So if you are buying one or two stars rated refrigerator, it will cost more electricity and cost more in terms of electricity bills. But if you buy a fridge with four or 5-star lockers, it will cost less energy or less power and save you money, which is why I recommend going with a 4 or 5 star rated refrigerator. One more thing you can do with an inverter refrigerator is to save as much money as you can.


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