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Remember Redmi Y1 Sell again? Check out the best alternatives

Jan 16, 2020 by William Lewis.

Redmi Y1 might not be the best premium smartphone. But it’s a superior camera, amazing features and stylish design have currently outnumbered many other smartphones. Moreover, with a price tag that lies in most of our budget, it has created a rage! The managing director of Xiaomi India has claimed that the company has sold over 150,000 units in the first sale. That too, in just 3 minutes! After the first huge response, the sale is announced around 3- 4 times again. But most of the people have either missed the sale or couldn’t get the order confirmation even after grabbing it on time!

Are you one of them?

If yes, then don’t worry! You are not alone. Redmi Y1 is the most hyped phone currently. However, if we keep the hype aside, there are few other smartphones which you can choose instead of running behind the sale. However, if you are thinking about the price tag, then don’t think further. It’s a festive period. Do I need to say anything more? Don’t miss the bumper New year sale on Mobile. So let’s explore the best top models which can be a good alternative for all the people who are hooked to the Redmi Y1 features and style. We have shortlisted three best alternatives that you won’t regret buying! Let’s take a deep dive and unfold their features:

Redmi Y1 v/s Nokia 5:

This year some really good handsets are introduced in which Nokia 5 has surely earned its place. The handset is launched in the month of October this year. From finished shine to a popular price segment, there are many features that make Nokia 5 really a good choice. The display of both the handsets (Nokia and redmi Y1) is nearby the same with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 px. However, Nokia 5 comes with an HD IPS LCD. Both android versions have a 1 — GHz processor with cool colours and designs. So if the Redmi is available in gold and dark grey, the Nokia 5 is creating a sensation with its Matte blue and tempered black colour. Now compare some of the major features of both the handsets: Nokia and redmi Y1)Apart from these top features, the rest features like 4G capability, Wifi hotspot, Bluetooth and lots more are less the same. Moreover, Nokia has always come with a strong battery support system. So if you are someone who is always running, Nokia can be a perfect partner with a superb battery system.   Read More: Why Online is the Best Way to Buy and Sell Refurbished Equipment?

Redmi Y1 v/s Motorola Moto G5

The Redmi Y1 64 GB variant cost around Rs 10,999 in India. While moto G5 is also priced at Rs 10, 999 but for the variant with 3GB RAM and 16GB inbuilt storage. However, the latter score high with highlights like the metallic body, water-repellent nano-coating, and the stock Android Nougat UI. The other features like dual sim, 5-inch display, and full HD resolution also makes it a likeable device. Plus, its battery comes with a capacity of 2800 mAH which is less when compared to redmi latest models. But the device is designed with support for fast charging. Let’s take a look at some other pointers: Redmi Y1 v/s Motorola Moto G5So except the front camera and storage ( which can be expanded), the Motorola model is standing neck to neck with the red models. What do you think?

Redmi Y1 vs Lenovo K8 Plus

Lenovo K8 Plus with 3 GB RAM and 32GB internal storage can be a good choice for those who are hooked to Redmi Y1. Both the devices come with a similar price tag of RS 10,999. This Lenovo model is released in the month of September this year, which matches some of the red features. Take a look!! Redmi Y1 vs Lenovo K8 PlusWhile both the handsets lie in a similar price bracket, you can expect a price cut in the Lenovo model as the sale can be announced this month with Christmas and new year around the corner. So keep your eyes and ears open!! These are the top 3 smartphones that are competing with Redmi y1 series. The prices of some handsets vary while the rest lie in the same bracket. So analyze yourself and figure out which device can end your wait for the sale.