Real-Life Love Stories Based Romantic Hollywood Movies

Some love stories are eternal, forever through the great films that stay with us forever. The couple encouraged moviegoers to recreate their unforgettable romance on screen. So if you’re ready to get in touch with your significant other this weekend, here’s a list of our favourite romantic movies inspired by a real-life couple. Some made us laugh and some made us cry for days.

1. Theory of Everything

The Theory Of Everything
This heartbreaking romantic drama is based on the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife of 30 years, Jane Hawking. Unlike the film, though, this breakup was not mutual at all, and their relationship actually ended in a screaming match during the holidays. Stefan rekindled their relationship after leaving his second wife 10 years after his marriage.

2. The Vow

the vow
Based on a book by the same name, written by Kim and Cricket Carpenter, which goes through the sequence in real life, The Vow is one of the most tearful love stories out there. The two lives of a real-life couple are together, sadly, after the husband admitted to having a relationship in 2018, the two separated.

3. Queen of the Desert

queen of the desert
Based on the life of Gertrude Bell, a British archaeologist and author, the film follows the journey from its twenties until its demise. But the highlight of this Nicole Kidman and James Franco starer is the relationship he shared with an embassy employee in Tehran.

4. Walk The Line

walk the line
It is based on the whirlpool romance of Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon styler singer, songwriter Johnny Cash and his second wife, singer Jon Carter Cash. From his strained relationship with his father to his addiction to war, this film shows it all.

5. Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous Beauty
Based on The Honest Court, a non-fiction book by Margaret Rosenthal. This biography plays the life of Veronica Franco, a courtier in Venice in the sixteenth century, and has sacrificed for her boyfriend Marco, the son of a high-ranking senator.

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