Prometheus: trailer analysis

Screaming People terrorizing narrow streets. An unseen, perhaps terrifying absence. Ridley Scott may be in trouble to remove Prometheus from the Alien franchise, but the first full trailer for his late return to Sci-Fi has apparently been cut with the same sci-fi horror outfit.

As good as the Dark Knight Rises and Hobbit trailers have done, neither of us has encouraged as much frame-by-frame analysis – and as we picked up every tantalizing shot in the promos released yesterday, more unexpected things Leap from the dark.

First, the obvious: contacts from the 1979 Alien are everywhere. Gradually the type of building, the design and angle of the ship and some of the shot lights, which directly reference Scott’s previous film. The alien itself may be clearly absent, but Prometheus looks more like parole than Scott.

The trailer opens, to a great extent, with the sound of a disturbingly disturbing sound to help radio. According to the accent, it is safe to say that the voices of these women are from Elizabeth Shaw (Naomi Rapsi). “I was wrong. They say over the radio static that I was wrong. And then the really interesting stuff starts.

A ship – probably Pr Prometheus – arrives in the alien world. We know from earlier interviews and symbols that it involves a group of scientists. They include Shaw, Vickers (Charles Theron), David (Michael Fassbender), and Jenk (Idris Elba) – who have been sent to the other side of the cosmos. Looking for the origin of mankind.

We are then shown a selection of scientists’ excellent retro exploration vehicles – one of them inadvertently looks like a bug track, to be a toy in 1979. Deliberately cited by film designers, or agreed on Allen’s release year? Does not matter. Our reality has caught a glimpse of the jet of fire here – a foreign movie cannot be the same without flames, and this is the first of many hints that is more closely related to the classic than it was before. d.

The next shot just reinforces this concept: Of course, this is the passage we saw in the Alien – the bone-like spread has not yet grown, but the lighting and camera positioning clearly allow the design to be an indoor shot. Is designed to be remembered. A spacecraft 32 years ago.

Next comes the vacant face, which has already made a significant contribution to Prometheus’ teaser marketing – and with good reason. This is a wonderful picture. On the other side of the galaxy, what is a huge, seemingly human scene doing on a plane? This, if it is also on the other side of the galaxy. The modification here, and the matching of the egg silo in the alien of the room, will prompt us to think that the series takes place on an alien planet. But can this really be a shot already in the film? Could this be a groundbreaking discovery that could take them on a journey?

At first glance, the next shot – a moment of violent sudden violence – appears to be going straight after a wide view of space’s face. But look again; the characters are wearing space helmets before they take it off. Is this just a clever piece of editing that causes two scenes to go one after the other? Probably not, but it’s possible.

The most important question, though, is what the strange space like gas found in the Explorer Space Helmet? Did this space come out of vase-like objects at the foot of the face? Whatever the case, the effect is not unlike the acid that comes out of Allen’s facial injured finger – it is the same colour and has such a devastating effect on the victim’s spacesuit.

And then comes our favourite shots throughout the trailer. We are shown a medical bay, unnaturally as Alien has his own ash. Shaw, David, and two other characters (whose faces cannot be seen) are highlighting that he is clearly the head of the space jockey. Where did he get it? Again, is this bullet back on the ground or in the depths of space?

We are quite impressed with the haircut in this trailer. Michael Fassbender has been stoned to death on the blonde rinse, though, bless him – presumably to make it look like an artificial human being. In the downstairs arrest, he is gently pulling anything in the box. Something that looks like a fee student. An ancestor of an era, perhaps?

Panic shops, and then a great glimpse of saucer-shaped craft over the waterfall (probably shot in Iceland, where Scott and his crew were located earlier this year).

The scene that follows is very important. For one thing, it turns out that Prometheus is equipped with characters who are shown to be fairly standard handguns. It’s a far cry from Alien’s weapons.

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