As an online retailer, how do you differentiate your products and your eCommerce store from that of your competitors? The answer is simple – good product photography. Quality images of your products from professionals such as those at Click Studios are crucial to get that all-important positive first impression – people usually decide if they like something within the first 50 milliseconds! If the photos on your online store are bland and unrepresentative, it is the quickest way to encourage potential customers to disengage and also the cause of customer returns. Evidence shows that online sales in November of 2019 accounted for 18.7% of the retail market, which is fantastic news if you are an online business. However, this trend has also burdened online retailers with increasing item returns – many product returns are as a result of the item is different from what was shown on the website.

‘A picture is worth ten thousand words’

In this age of convenience and smart technology, people complete their online shopping on their lunch breaks, on public transport, in the hospital waiting room, etc. As such, they rely on the pictures to show them exactly what the product is and what it can be used for. You can include a lengthy and detailed item description, but people don’t have time to read this (and more often than not choose not to). Instead, they often rely on the quality of the product images to tell them everything they need to know.

Social media engagement

Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest rely heavily on images. How do you get the user to stop and pay attention to your images rather than scrolling or swiping past? A sure-fire way to increase your social media engagement and subsequently sales is with clear, sharp and vibrant images. Your Instagram feed and Pinterest boards collectively are a representation of your business and your brand, therefore quality product photography is a necessary investment to both attract and retain customers. Images of a high standard on these social media sites can do some of your marketing and advertising for you as people will be more inclined to share pictures of your products if they are notably different.

Product photography adds value

A suite of quality visuals is a must-have in any online retailers arsenal. They can add value to the many different marketing channels that are now used online – blogs, emails, social media sites etc. Prospective customers are more likely to click through on these channels if they like what they see and that is why not investing in product photography is a risk. This is also where having a creative strategy is important – your product images should be recognisable across the multiple channels you use, whether this is done with the use of colours, background or lighting.

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Third-party marketplace

If you are an online business that solely trades through third party sites such as Amazon or eBay, or you use these sites as another retail channel, understanding the importance and requirements of product photography can make or break your customer ratings. For example, you will have noticed that in the main product images are against a white background, and on eBay overall size is a criterion – the challenge is making sure your photography still showcases your product in all its glory whilst still adhering to the guidelines. A good product photography service can help you get this part of your strategy right.

Product photography styles

To make up for the fact they can’t touch, smell or feel the product, people rely on product images to give them a sense of what they will be purchasing. Choosing the right style of product photography can mean the difference between a customer adding something to the basket or clicking through to another website. Some products will need to have visuals that showcase special features or unique innovations, others will need to have images that demonstrate usage and versatility. Ultimately to boost online sales, your product photography must go some way in recreating the 5 senses through a visual medium. 

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