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How Private Travel Has Changed

Jan 21, 2020 by William Lewis.

Aviation has only been around for the past 120 years. Everything has changed incredibly since the Wright Brothers first flew their light aircraft for a total of twelve seconds over a beach in North Carolina. Having flown they are heavier than aeroplane it was a momentous occasion and paved the way for aviation as we now know it. The next big leap came in the name of the DC-2. This was the first plane to prove that an all-metal cylinder could fly and not just that, it could be reliable, comfortable and most importantly safe. In 1964 the Lear jet was introduced as an extremely efficient and fast private jet. How Private Travel Has Changed:  

Trends of Flying Privately

It's not as easy to set up a jet and you have to leave. There are many things to consider such as how big a jet is needed and which destination to fly to. Not all private jets can fly to any airport in the world, there are some restrictions when it comes to private air travel. It is getting much easier in some respects to decide and book a private jet. There are apps available nowadays which make the whole process much more streamlined. Some air travel agents are aggressively pushing their apps as the number of bookings from this area is growing rapidly.   Read More: Will Private Jets Overtake Business-Class Air Travel?  

Changes that will happen in the years to come

There are significant changes taking place already and this is set to go through the roof over the coming years. For instance, an app can be readily used to book a private jet and the client can be airborne in less than three hours of booking it. This makes for a very swift and clean travel itinerary. It is normally booked on a per hour rate so if the jet is required for a six-hour flight then this is multiplied by the hourly rate. This, however, is set to drop by up to 30 per cent in the near future.  

Upgrades for The Jet Set

There are many upgrades either already in place or coming onboard very soon. These will include undercover passageways to skip security lines and getting private flyers straight to the front of immigration lines. Also, there will be vast improvements in first-class products including VIP suites, etc. It really means that the average jet setter will get much more for less in the coming years.