Why are people Leaving Uber?

Uber is 1 of the most popular ride-sharing companies in the world. There are many drivers around the world who have hired themselves as Uber drivers. But in recent years, people have had a lot of complaints about Uber and its services, and the number of drivers they leave behind is increasing. In this post, we will take a look at the major reasons behind people Leaving Uber with the slogan of account deleted by Uber drivers.

· Uber focused more on the passenger

The drivers are the ones who are responsible for making Uber’s business possible. And Uber is nothing without drivers, but the sad fact is that Uber doesn’t care about its drivers more than the passengers. Uber is more focused on improving the passenger experience with drivers.
Many drivers have complained because they feel they have been treated as slaves. Most Uber drivers face negligence and Uber is not backed up. And every time Uber cuts down on Uber’s earnings, which is very annoying for drivers because it’s their hard-earned money that gets snatched.
And when the drivers have to go through these situations, it is clear that they have decided to leave.

۔ Lack of customer support

Uber lacks customer support when it comes to drivers. Uber drivers are treated as if they were not Uber users compared to the customer support provided for rides. If drivers try to resolve their concerns by emailing customer support, they will respond in a timely manner, but all of this has been sent by a stock reply from Uber. And in most cases, it does not solve the problems that the driver is facing.
And if you try to call Uber’s customer support, it seems that they too don’t know much about Uber and how it works, which is an important issue. Uber should improve the customer care department for drivers because drivers are also Uber’s customers, and they should never forget it.
When it comes to the training section, Uber also lacks driver assistance. Uber offers you just a few YouTube videos to get you started on Uber Drive, but it can’t clear all the drivers’ information. And even drivers are not educated about caring for drunk passengers and all the little things that need to be prepared for the driver.

· Rating system

The rating system is a terrific part of Uber for all Uber drivers in the world. The rating system decides the driver’s ability. And the higher the rating you get, the more drive requests you receive and the more you earn.
And this can be the opposite for drivers because you do not know how many ratings you are getting. Some people can give you a bad rating, and some people give you good rating but uber don’t notify you until you get a 5 star rating.
In terms of transparency, drivers are free to make low receipts. And this does not give the driver a chance to improve his services and earn the maximum high score.
Uber is working on transparency of the rating system, but it will take a long time to complete.


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Low rental cost (The main reason)

This is the main reason for drivers leaving Uber. As Uber focuses more on improving the passenger experience, Uber is regularly cutting fares. They say this would be a good fit for all, as drivers will find more rides on cheaper ride fares. But drivers’ income levels have not changed.
Uber regularly cuts rental prices without notice or reason, and this leaves the drivers frustrated with Uber because drivers are not prepared for this reduced rent situation.

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