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How to Close Off Comments your in Google+ Marketing Page

Feb 23, 2020 by William Lewis.

Running a business using social media as a marketing strategy is a great idea. Social media is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are using it every day, and they get a lot of information about it. So this will become an excellent marketing zone as people will see your business. However, online marketing is not that easy, you need some strategies to win the competition with your competitors in social media. Learning from social media experts is a great way to succeed in this business. A good tip for experts is to turn off comments in your Google+ posts. The suggestions are below.

Understand the system

The comment system will ruin your business with a negative comment. This is because anyone who writes comments will receive notifications from other users' comments. This means that comments will become a great way to get people's attention.


In a Google+ post, you control the people who can connect with you and how they engage with you. So you can also control the comments of people who can destroy your business. To close a comment, click on the menu in the upper right of your post and then select 'Disable comments'. That way, no one can comment on your post, as well as leave negative comments.

Just getting positive comments from people

How can you get comments from people who make a positive impression when you've closed comments in a Google+ post? That way, you can actually get to know the people who have positive comments for your posts. You can know this by clicking on a positive comment as positive comments are usually followed by other users' positive comments. When you know the people who give you positive feedback, add them to your circles. Plus, they'll become your best followers. Then you can build strong relationships with them to grow your business. ReadMore:  Sometimes you even need to re-enable comments on a Google+ post. If you do this, add additional information and messages to people's past threads next time. It would be a good idea to market your product or service to people who are already connected. Therefore, you will not receive any more negative comments. Run businesses only in the environment of people who trust your products or services. So no one can ruin your business with just a comment