Nick Leisy says, ‘At age 6, My father’s friend sexually harasses me’

Jessica Simpson, 39, an American singer and actress, revealed that she was subjected to sexual harassment in her childhood, after which she resorted to drugs and alcohol, which later led to the loss of her life.

The 39-year-old singer has released several successful songs in her career and her biography will soon be revealed.

In an interview to a magazine in this regard, the singer admitted that she was trying to forget the trauma, and that was why she had been undergoing treatment for many years.

Jessica Simpson said that I was exhausting myself with alcohol and taking drugs.

The singer decided to quit drinking in 2017 when she realized her habit was destroying everything.

Nick Leisy says, 'At age 6, My father's friend sexually harasses me' 1

He said that quitting alcohol was not difficult, I was angry at the bottle of alcohol I used to drink.

Talking about the sexual harassment incident that happened to her, the singer said that it started when she was 6 years old, during which she slept on the same bed with her parents’ friend’s daughter, whose father Has harassed me

According to Jessica Simpson, ‘When I wake up at night, I realize someone is touching my waist, after which I realize something strange is happening to me.’

According to the singer, I wanted to tell my parents all of this, but why did it seem strange to me that I was guilty?

Nick Leisy says, 'At age 6, My father's friend sexually harasses me' 2

Six years later, Jessica Simpson dared to tell her parents everything during a trip. At that point, the mother, who was sitting in the car, hit her father’s shoulder and said, “Look, I said something strange. Is happening. ‘

However, the father did not say anything and kept driving quietly.

According to Jessica Simpson, we have never been home to these parents’ friends since that day, but no one has ever talked about the incident again.

It is to be noted that during the 1990s, Jessica Simpson received fame from MTV Channel’s reality series ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’, in which she was working alongside her ex-husband Nick Leisy.

After Nick Leishy, ​​Jessica Simpson married former American footballer Eric Johnson in 2014.

Nick Leisy says, 'At age 6, My father's friend sexually harasses me' 3

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