YSRC MLA Ramakrishna Reddy challenged TD MLA Srinivasa Rao

By | August 25, 2016

YSRC MLA Ramakrishna Reddy challenged TD MLA Srinivasa Rao

YSRC MLA of Macharla P. Ramakrishna Reddy alleged that TD MLA of Gurazala Y. Srinivasa Rao was robbing public money and doing illegal business. He challenged that he will defeat the TD MLA by contesting against him in the election.

Retaliating to the challenge, Mr Srinivasa Rao claimed that he is the candidate in the future election and claimed that no one has the guts to defeat him. erming the using of holy event of Krishna Pushkaralu for TD campaign by yellowing the ghats, Mr Ramakrishna Reddy took a pledge not to take a holy dip in the yellow-coloured ghats and completed the Pushkar rituals in the Telangana state on the other side of Krishna river.

tdp VS ysrcp

The TD leaders criticised the act, but Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy started a scathing attack against Mr Srinivasa Rao.

Mr. Ramakrishna alleged that Mr Ramakrishna Rao earned cro-res of rupees in the Krishna Pushkaralu works by getting them on nomination basis without an open tender system.

He alleged that the TD leaders turned into contractors and constructed the ghats substandardly and claimed that the new ghats started getting damaged during the past few days. He said that if Mr Srinivasa Rao is ready for a bypoll, he will defeat him in Gurazala by contesting against him.

Responding to the allegations, Mr Srinivasa Rao refuted corruption allegations and claimed that no one can defeat him in Gurazala constituency. Stating that he is the TD candidate for Gurazala Assembly constituency in the future election, the TD MLA challenged that he will surely defeat the YSRC MLA.

Note: While YSRC MLA Ramakrishna Reddy challenged TD MLA Srinivasa Rao that he would defeat him in his constituency, the latter accepted the chalenge.

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