Twitter Heard you: The 140 Character Limit is here to stay

By | March 19, 2016

Twitter Heard you: The 140 Character Limit is here to stay

Twitter Cheif executive Jack Dorsey said the today’s show Matt Lauer that the limit is too much a part of Twitter’s identity to let go it’s a good constraint for us he also said that It allows for of the moment brevity. Twitter’s 10th anniversary on March 21, 2006 Dorsey sent the networks first tweet “just setting up my Twitter”.

Twitter Heard you

In an Interview Dorsey about the features in Twitter

There is a rumors that Twitter would expand its character limit in a offer for something to expand its audience. They have also pointed out that doing out that doing so might undermine the quick free flowing and real time culture of the social network. In an interview Dorsey also strongly say something again the company’s forceful statement that it doesn’t examine an officially to users or hide inflammatory content stick fast to the company’s community standard. Tweeter’s always in control people can follow whoever they want. And it’s our job to post important things what they need said by Dorsey. Dorsey and his team are working hard to get more people to sign in on to the network. It takes step to check harassment on the site while maintaining a devotion to free speech particularly requiring care and skill because difficult or awkward on the site of the company’s effort.

The company is extending the features to easy to use

The company is trying to make easy to use. The company has added new feature like to digest like ‘moments’ and recent option to choose algorithms and tweets in users timeline. The Twitter scarp its 140 character limit for tweets is not going anywhere the limit is still staying. First we heard in September 2015 Twitter is experimenting with tweets to extend longer than 140 characters. Again in January the rumor come back that suggesting feature internally beyond 140towards the end of quarter.

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