Teachers demand to increase salaries

By | September 29, 2016

Demand to increase salaries of teachers

VISAKHAPATNAM, SEPT. 28: (teachers demand) Some private teachers, When asked about the ban on private coaching, opined that the government should increase the salary of teachers before implementing such rules.

“We should stop private coaching as it would surely enhance the quality of education in schools and also lighten the burden students are experiencing. But this is possible only When private teachers are paid Well. Not all, but many are offering tuition to meet their basic needs,” said Vaishali More, who Worked as a teacher in the city for 24 years and is now On a mission to promote fitness among Women through adventure and awareness activities.

teachers demand

A representative of the state government teachers’ association Said, “After the recent hikes in salary, government teachers are not showing any interest in coaching and one will rarely find them doing so.”

“Though private schools have been brought under the RTE ambit, the school authorities are not adhering to the rules. As per RTE, private teachers need to have a B.Ed degree and comply with regulations. But When it comes to payment, no rule is folllowed,” said a private school teacher.

A few teachers, however, said tuition for students was important as a teacher could not pay attention to every student in the school class room

“When doctors can do private practice, despite getting a huge salary, why should not teachers do the same when it helps students,” asked a teacher of a government school on behalf off teachers demand.

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