Sunny Leone’s Husband Clarifies She Didn’t Slap A Reporter in Gujarat

By | March 25, 2016

Sunny Leone’s Husband Clarifies She Didn’t Slap A Reporter in Gujarat

On Thursday, Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, who have appeared for a Holi event called as the ‘Play Holi with Sunny Leone’ in Surat on Gujarat supposedly made the one professional of the media left with the red face in reply to his badly chosen question. Whereas, there have been lots of rumors and buzz that such an incident has really happened. One of the leading news domain fated the reports and stated that Daniel worded the reports as ‘completely made up’ and ‘utter nonsense’ and that one of the media channel also said him that an confession will be give for the wrong reports. He too deprived of the story regarding the drunken man coming into the hotel roon of the Sunny Leone.

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Media Reports about the Incident

As per the media reports that were out starting today, it is known that the Indo-Canadian actress Sunny Leone has slapped a media journalist after she was asked by the journalist regarding how much she would charge for ‘night programmes’ in view of the fact that she is a film star.

What Actually Happened at Surat?

Sunny Leone, along with her husband Daniel Webber has come to Surat-based hotel in the early hours in the morning. Reportedly, things have gone nasty when a drunken man has arrived to her room and behaved badly with Sunny Leone. After that he has left the door open, the actress Sunny managed in taking the thing under control. But unfortunately, when she was asked by a journalist an inappropriate question in the corridor of the hotel, she lost her coolness.

According to the media reports, a reporter, from a national news channel who has come to interview the Sunny Leone has asked her that, “Earlier you were a porn star and now you are a movie star. So how much do you charge now?”

Soon the incident has happened, the star has told the organizers of the event that she would be performing there only if the media is not around. But the thing is that, she has successfully fulfilled her professional commitment with a 15-minute performance on the stage over there.

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