Scientists find gold from electronic waste

By | September 17, 2016

 Scientists find Gold from Electronic Waste

Experts find gold from e-waste VIJAYAWADA: In a major breakthrough by researchers at IIT Delhi, a project was successfully tested in lab conditions and is now being validated for techno-economical feasibility to extract gold and other precious metals from electronic Wastage.


The ministry of science and technology funded this project under Make in India Initiative. It is learnt that the technology that is used to extract the high-value metals is also going for exclusive patent rights, Scientists are anticipating that by 2018-2019 this technology can be available for industrial production.

Researchers used clinical chelation technology and green chemical technology which are costeffective and environment-friendly. Another research project which is still under lab-testing by Vellore Institute of Technology used Cyano Bacteria to extract the metals.

Interestingly, electronic Waste contains 20 to 250 times more gold than in its ore. If this gold can be extracted in a cost-effective manner, probably India may need not import gold at all, according to scientists.

Scientist Krishnakanth Pulicherla told that if this project gets through the economic feasibility test, it can change the entire scenario of Indian economy, If the entire e-Waste in the country can be processed, may be India will mot have to import gold or at least can stop gold mining which is a Very tedious process and also pollutes environment, said Mr Krishnakanth. He participated in a Seminar on Solid waste management organised by SRR-CVR College at Siddartha Pharmacy College.

India’s electronic waste is estimated at 19 lakh tonnes which is growing at 30 per cent every year, Integrated circuit boards are the major components of every electronic device. Gold, platinum, silver and nickel are used in these IC’s as Connectors as these metals are the best conductors of electricity. There is no feasible technology to extract these metals once the IC’s have become useless. Millions of tonnes of electronic Waste is getting piled up every year.

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