Rohith memorial leaves Hyderabad varsity students divided

By | March 19, 2016

Rohith memorial leaves Hyderabad varsity students divided

Two months after Rohith Vemula’s death on his memorial has left the student community in University of Hyderabad it has divided with fault lines appearing prominently.

Rohith Vemula is a dalit research scholar committed suicide on January 17 in a hostel room after authorities refused to indicate that he is not willing to cancel his suspension from hostel and other areas. The memorial was built just a few days after his death by his close friends and supporters, several University of Hyderabad students have taken in to social media voicing their opinions at variance with those commonly or officially held to move.

Rohith memorial leaves Hyderabad varsity students divided

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Memories are built not to celebrate and also act against the harsh sections

Vamshi Krishna asked a student where as other memories, it mean the students who committed suicide during Congress rule, Krishna kumar Vishwakarma said  I am against to this stupa. who is suddenly attack the University of Hyderabad students union led by the Students Federation of India for refuse to take notice of or acknowledge and other important issues. Rohith’s friend Prashanth Dontha wrote Rohith Smaraka Sthupa is a not disconcerted memory of political causing to be treated unfairly by ABVP, BJP and Sangh Parivar. Memorials are built for not to celebrate and also to attack against harsh sections for those who can understand the struggles can only know the importance of memorials.

After Rohith’s death administrative shutdown for two weeks then several political leaders Arvind Kejriwal Delhi chief minister and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi special honour at the memorial of Rohith.

Rahul Gandi said the youngster who had come here to learn and improve the country was put into so much pain that he had no option but he committed suicide. The institution instead of operating freely used power to crush them. VC and Minister have not acted freely. Rahul added that Rohithwas not alone and that this was happening in every University. He also called for strictest punishment to those who are responsible for the death of Rohith.

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