Nakkal Road turns a traffic bottleneck

By | October 6, 2016

Nakkal Road turns a traffic bottleneck

VIJAYAWADA: Nakkal Road turns a traffic bottleneck, Nakkal Road is giving nightmares to the commuters.

The narrow arterial road which connects the Bandar Road and Eluru Road got prominence with scores of hospitals, educational institutions and commercial establishments being located there.

The latest addition to it is of government offices that have been shifted from Hyderabad. The office of the panchayati raj commissioner is also located on Nakkal Road.

The CM camp office and the district court are also located on Bandar Road side end. With this, already the busy Nakkal Road is now flooding with vehicles.

Nakkal Road turns a traffic bottleneck

Nakkal Road turns a traffic bottleneck

The narrow road which is only 50ft in width is also having intersections with three other roads in the middle. These intersection points have become chaotic with vehicles coming from all directions without folllowing any decorum and getting stuck up in the middle creating jams.

Another reason for the traffic snarls on Nakkal Road is parking of vehicles on the roadblocking the right of way. The number of hospitals on Nakkal Road, Pushpa Hotel Road and Dornakal Road, whichare the connecting roads do not have properparking facilities, Also the push carts of the hawkers is making the situation much worse.

Traffic DCP TK Rana told Deccan Chronicle that Nakkal Road, Pushpa Hotel Road and Dornakal Road have become problematic.

The DCP said, “We are Working out a contingency plan coordinating With the municipal authorities to move out hawkers from these roads by providing alternate place.”

He also said parking on the streets near the hospitals needs to be sorted out and added that they are going to issue notices to the hospitals which are not having their own parking facility in the vicinity.

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