Live baby declared as dead: Doc Suspended in Guntur

By | September 15, 2016

Live baby declared dead: Doc Suspended

Vijayawada: A duty doctor and a staff nurse were suspended and academic action will be initiated against four post-graduate medical students who were on duty in Guntur GGH for their negligence in connection with the incident in which a baby was declared dead, but was found alive later.


Health minister Kamineni Srinivas ordered an inquiry into the incident. The DMHO Guntur and the superintendent, GGH, found held Ms Indira, Assistant Professor, who was in charge at the time of incident, Himabindu, staff nurse and four postgraduate students from Guntur Medical College, responsible. Ironically, the premature baby, undergoing treatment in the ICU, died Wednesday morning.

Guntur GGH superintendent Raju Naidu told DC that the chances for baby survival were slim. “As it was a premature delivery in the seventh, the baby boy weighed only 800 grams. The baby’s organs were not developed and by the time the mother reached the hospital, her membrane was ruptured and the baby was in completely bad shape,” he said. However the parents alleged that it is because of the doctor’s negligence that their baby died.

Nagababu, father of the deceased baby, said that had the doctors paid attention and given proper treatment, his son would have survived.

Note: A staff nurse and 4 PG Students at Guntur GGH Were also Suspended

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