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By | September 15, 2016

Krishna district in grip of viral fevers

VIJAYAWADA, SEPT. 14: Viral fevers are rampant in Krishna district.

Nandigama MLA Tangirala Sowmya herself fell ill and was admitted to Andhra hospitals with symptoms of dengue. Nemali, a village adjoining Khammam in TS, is the worst affected.


Around 850 people suffering with different fevers was recorded till Wednesday, of which 350 displayed symptoms of dengue.

Locals say that there is at least one patient in every house in the village which has a total population of 2,200. Though a medical camp is being run by the district medical authorities, the fevers continue to rise.
S. Krishna, a resident of Nemali, told DC that the problem was very severe in the Village. “Both my parents are suffering from typhoid and my friend’s parents with dengue,” he said, blaming the failure of the Village administration for the epidemic.

“Drains were not cleaned, which ultimately became the breeding ground for mosquitoes and the pig menace is costing the locals heavily,” he said.

Many agency areas in the state are also in the grip of seasonal diseases.

Note:- CMNAIDU asks ministers Ravela and Kamineni to stay put in the Agency areas till the situation is brought under control

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