Jumbling in Evaluation Opposed Kakinada

By | September 20, 2016


KAKINADA, SEPT. 19: The government teachers and also the managements of private schools are strongly opposing the government’s proposed jumbling system in evaluation as it is not useful for the students as well teacher.

According to sources, the government proposed the jumbling system for evaluation from Classes VI to X in evaluation. According to Teachers’ Unions, there are two types of examinations Such as formative (4) and summative (3) for each class.

Jumbling in Evaluation Opposed Kakinada

Till now, the school teacher prepared the examination paper and evaluated.

But according to jumbling System, the answer papers of the students should be evaluated in Other Mandal Resource Centres (MRC). But, there are no sufficient MRCs in the mandals and the evaluation should be done in Zilla Parishad High Schools.

“In this process, the Working days of the schools Would be lost. The subjects can’t be completed on time. There are no subject teachers in all schools. The government proposed jumbling system is a cumbersome exercise for the teachers and also the government as the teachers should be paid TA and DAs if the distance of evaluation center is exceeded above 8 kilometers,” said the Andhra Pradesh United Teachers Federation (APUTF) district honorary president G. Prabhakara Varma.

He said that the continuous comprehensive education system may be also affected due to the jumbling in evaluation.

Meanwhile, sources said that the government may Withdraw the jumbling system in evaluation from Class VI to VII and it will be implemented for Classes IX and X.

Note: ACCORDING TO jumbling System, the anSWer papers of the Students should be evaluated in other Mandal ResOurCe Centres (MRC). But, there are no Sufficient MRCS in the mandals and the evaluation should be done in ZP high Schools.

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