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By | September 27, 2016

Farmers told to follow Singaporean and China methods

GUNTUR, SEPT. 26: indian farmers new techniques Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has sought taking results of research in agriculture into the fields to help the farming community. He asked the agriculture students and scientists to follow Singapore and China methods with regard to modernisation of the agriculture sector and asked the farmers to use modern technology like Singaporeans for harvesting crops easily.(i.e to avoid problems faced by indian formers)

He said that the agriculture sector was facing severe crisis and wanted the agriculture scientists to find answers to the problems in the sector, to Bring indian farmers new techniques.


Mr. Naidu was speaking at the 48th convocation of Acharya NG Ranga Agriculture University at Bapatlain Guntur district on Monday.

He said that shortage of farmhands Was troubling the agriculture sector and suggested that farmers use latest technology and machinery to overcome the difficulty like Singaporeans.(indian farmers easy)

indian farmers new techniques

Mr Naidu said Bengal gram farmers earned profits only for fours years in the last 14 years in Anantapur district. He asked the scientists and researchers to do research in the agriculture fields to make cultivation profitable.

He asserted the need to bring in agriculture revolution and suggested modernisation of horticulture with new inventions and useful products.

Explaining about the modern cultivation methods in Singapore and China, Mr. Naidu asked the agriculture students and scientists to take Singapore and China cultivation system/methods as role model for improving the situation in AP.

“Crops can be cultivated in 2,00,00,000 acres in AP but irrigation water is available to only 1,04,000 acres of farmlands and asserted on the need to save rainwater through check dams for cultivating the remaining land.

Scientists should con duct research about cultivation of crops with less water and this will be of great help to the farmers, he said. Mr. Naidu lamented that despite putting in a lot of efforts the growth rate of agriculture was stuck at 1.8pc in AP and asserted on the need to increase it to at least 2 percent.
Note: CM wants agri scientists to take results of research into fields

Crops can be raised in 2Crore acres in AP but only 1 lakh is under Cultivation due to lack of irrigation water – N. CHANDRABABU NAIDU, Chief Minister, A.P.

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