Guntur cops command control centre

By | September 3, 2016

Guntur cops to make use of command control centre

AMARAVATI: The Guntur police will use Krishna Pushkar Command Control Centre to monitor law and order in the city.

amaravathi command control center

The police department started training classes to select policemen to Work in the Command Control Centre (CCC).

Guntur additional SP. J. Bhaskar Rao said that the CCC largely helped the police department to monitor the situation and offered good services to the public during Krishna Pushkaralu. He said that after the completion of Krishna Pushkaralu, Guntur
urban SP SarvaSreshth Tripathi proposed about using the Command Control Centre to serve the public of Guntur city through continuous monitoring.

Mr Bhaskar Rao said that CCTV cameras have been installed in majority of the centres, junctions and important areas in the city. Now these cameras would be linked to the CCC for round-the-clock monitoring.

He said that the CCC Would monitor the realtime traffic, protests, agitations, vehicular movement, public Wandering and night patrolling. He said that
CCC staffs Will immediately alert Blue Colts and Rakshak if any problems Wre observed in the city through CCTV cameras and the police would plunge into action to resolve the situlation. Mr Bhaskar Rao said that several policemen Were selected for Command Control Centre and they were undergoing training given by Guntur West DSP.K.G.V. Saritha.

Guntur CCS SP. B.P. Tirupal, DSPs, Santosh and Meher Baba, circle inspector Hyma Rao, sub-inspector  D.Subramanyam and IT core staff participated in the training meet.

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