Google Search for ‘Sedition’, ‘Anti-National’ Directs Netizens to JNU Campus

By | March 26, 2016

Google Search for ‘Sedition’, ‘Anti-National’ Directs Netizens to JNU Campus

As if the agitation row was not sufficient for the varsity, now Google Maps directs adductors to the well-known Jawaharlal Nehru University site if they make use of words such as ‘sedition’ or ‘patriotism’ in their hunt. Guests to the web portal as well as students were bewildered to find out this, with the JNU Students’ Union (JNUSU) deciding to lift the matter with the varsity management so as to have a official complaint lodged with the search engine gigantic.

“We have been complaint next to the branding of an institute as anti-national and now the search giant has left a step ahead in certifying that,” said Shehla Rashid Vora, JNUSU vice-president. JNU has had its pale share of doubts since the agitation row rocked the university and lead to the detain of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar. The Google Maps argument has only complete matters bad for a varsity keen to shed the ‘anti-national’ tag.

Google Search for 'Sedition', 'Anti-National' Directs Netizens to JNU Campus

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Anti-National’ Search Leads To JNU on Google Maps, Students Furious

Google said it was trying to determine the subject. “We are conscious of the problem, we are working to repair it,” a Google spokesperson said. “When I noticed this on Google Maps, I laughed. But when I thinking about it, it seemed hazardous. Dangerous not because it stands for my university but since anybody or any institution can be termed so through the authority of the government and MNCs. Will Google Maps be responsible for this?” asked N Sai Balaji, a scholar at JNU.

“It is pathetic that the search engine is showing JNU in the place search for ‘anti-national’. The trolls are at effort. But this should be disconnected as soon as probable,” said a PhD student, when asked for his response. Previous year, users were concentrating to the White House in Washington DC when they searched for the keyword “n***er house” and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name popped up in a search for top 10 illegals. In together cases, Google apologised.

in the meantime, a collection of students alleged that the varsity’s refuge unit “raided” a classroom during the screening of a film — Anand Patwardhan’s Father, Son and Holy war which was fraction of the set of courses of a route of the Centre of Law and Governance.

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