Google Releases Cricket-Specific Search Functions For ICC World T20 2016

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Google Releases Cricket-Specific Search Functions For ICC World T20 2016

Recently, Google has released a range of new cricket related search features for their Google app with the T20 world cup is near to us. This new experience of in Google will help the fans of cricket to now the updates of the games and to keep in touch with them wherever they are. Here are the few cricket features that Google has launched. So, have a look at them.

New Cricket Oriented Search Features in Googgle App

The first thing Google introduced is the score updates as well as the schedules of the matches in both Hindi and English languages. The cricket fans can also search for the things such as “T20 Score” or “Cricket Score” at any time during the match is going on and automatically the score will be updated which doesn’t require refreshing the page.

This new search functions will also include the articles that are related to teams, players, games and also the score boxes with stats that are in-depth.

Google Releases Cricket-Specific Search Functions For ICC World T20 2016

More Cricket Related Searches

The cricket fans can also search with the help of the Google app for other matched related information such as, if you say “Ok Google, when is the next cricket match?”, then it will showing you the schedules or all the upcoming matches or games. Or if you say, “When will India play Pakistan?”, then Google will tell you the exact date as well as time of all the concerned matches. The Google will also be updated with the winners of the each game just within seconds after the match or game ends.

Yoav Schwartzberg, Product Manager of the Google Search had said that, being away from the action would be annoying, but from today you would have to never miss any more moment with the release of this new cricket experiences or functions on the Google app. So, all the cricket fans will now have the up-to-date information with them without having to eagerly wait for their favorite matches or teams that would be playing. Hope, these cricket experiences will bring more excitement in people for watching the matches they want.

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